Climate Change's Unrelenting Impact

Nasty Weather Globally

Source:  California 2020 Wildfires 

From California to Alaska, Greenland and China

There is growing evidence that Climate Change and Global Warming are worsening.  In California, hundreds of wildfires are burning out of control.  They are being spawned by blistering heat and record numbers of lightning strikes.  There were 11,000 lighting strikes in a few days, torching trees, brush and triggering the massive wildfires.  500,000 acres have been burned, communities are threatened, buildings have been destroyed and tens of thousands are evacuating.  The Bay Area had the worst air quality in the world on Wednesday.  California Governor Gavin Newsom commented:  "If you are in denial about Climate Change, come to California."

China's Torrential Rains

Meanwhile, in China torrential rains and massive flooding have caused the evacuation of a million people and caused billions of dollars in damage.  China's huge Three Gorges Dam is experiencing its highest water levels ever following months of torrential rain in the region.

Alaska's Shrinking Salmon

In Alaska, scientists have just reported that wild salmon are significantly decreasing in size.  For example, Chinook salmon are 8% smaller than they averaged in 1990.  Scientists say the likely cause is warmer oceans from Climate Change.  They add the wild salmon population is threatened along with coastal communities and the indigenous people who depend upon them for a livelihood  .

Greenland Melting

The Greenland Ice Sheet is melting at unprecedented rates.  New science, just published, documents 532 gigatons of ice was lost in Greenland in 2019.  That's the equivalent of 66 tons of ice melt for every person on Earth.  The pace of Climate Change is unrelenting and its path of destruction spans the globe.


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