GM & Cadillac Going Electric

 Cadillac's First Fully Electric Vehicle Unveiled - The Lyriq

Source:  Cadillac Lyriq

Taking on Tesla

Cadillac has unveiled its first fully electric vehicle, the Lyriq.  The EV is designed to challenge Tesla's leadership in electric cars.  The Lyriq is powered by Cadillac's new Ultium battery technology and provides a range of more than 300 miles on a charge.  For GM, Cadillac is its leading electric vehicle brand.  Led by Lyriq, Cadillac says it will roll out a new portfolio of transformative EVs during the 2020 decade. 

Big Electric Rollout

Cadillac says it will roll out 22 electrified vehicles by 2023.  Lyriq, with its sleek, crossover design, will first launch in China and then in the US.  Production is scheduled to start in 2022.  The company says pricing will start at $75,000 to $100,000.

Signature Features

The Lyriq has several signature features.  Its Super Cruise semi-self-driving technology provides full, hands-free operation on over 200,000 miles of GPS mapped highways.  It also has a huge, 33" LED screen that stretches across the dashboard and can display more than 1 billion colors.  And, Cadillac says the vehicle has lighting choreography with a "black crystal front grill" and slim LED lighting.  A split tail light design is also a distinguishing feature of the Lyriq, GM and Cadillac's first big salvo into the EV model wars.


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