Autonomous Vehicles, Israel & South Korea

Fascinating SK & Israeli Partnership on Self-Driving Tech
Source:  Hyundai Ioniq Autonomous Car

Hyundai Mobis and Israel's Cognata
A global partnership between Hyundai Mobis and Israel's Cognata has just been announced to accelerate to market autonomous, self driving vehicles.  Cognata develops simulation software and training data for driver assistance systems and autonomous, self driving vehicles.  Hyundai Mobis, a software provider and part of the Hyundai group, has selected Cognata to test its offerings to facilitate the use of self-driving vehicles and accelerate them to the global market . 

Rolling Out Self-Driving Vehicles to Market
Large scale, simulations provide the only environment where advanced driver assistance system programs (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle technology can be safely tested and validated, according to Cognata.  Cognata CEO Danny Atsmon says there is tremendous growth and momentum coming out of South Korea on both ADAS and self-driving technologies.  Hyundai expects their new Israeli partnership will accelerate the advancement of technologies for their autonomous, self-driving vehicles like the Ioniq - an example of autonomous, self driving vehicles by Hyundai.


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