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Amazon's Stunning Self Driving Car ZOOX

  Eye-Catching ZOOX Wins California Testing Permit                                                   Source:  ZOOX ZOOX On the Road With No Human Drivers Amazon, the world's largest online retailer, is aggressively expanding and investing in self-driving technology.  And, it just scored a big win in California. Amazon acquired the autonomous car maker ZOOX in June.  ZOOX just was awarded permission by California state authorities a test permit to drive its self-driving cars on the roads without a human, backup driver onboard.  As you can see in the image, the ZOOX is an eye-catching autonomous vehicle. Next Steps For ZOOX ZOOX will be testing two self-driving vehicles with no human drivers onboard on designated streets near its Foster City, California headquarters.  Other major players like Google's Alphabet parent company's Waymo, China startup AutoX and Nuno have received similar test permits that they are using to test their vehicles.  Self-driving vehicles with no human

Autonomous Vehicles, Israel & South Korea

Fascinating SK & Israeli Partnership on Self-Driving Tech Source:  Hyundai Ioniq Autonomous Car Hyundai Mobis and Israel's Cognata A global partnership between Hyundai Mobis and Israel's Cognata has just been announced to accelerate to market autonomous, self driving vehicles.  Cognata develops simulation software and training data for driver assistance systems and autonomous, self driving vehicles.  Hyundai Mobis, a software provider and part of the Hyundai group, has selected Cognata to test its offerings to facilitate the use of self-driving vehicles and accelerate them to the global market .  Rolling Out Self-Driving Vehicles to Market Large scale, simulations provide the only environment where advanced driver assistance system programs (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle technology can be safely tested and validated, according to Cognata.  Cognata CEO Danny Atsmon says there is tremendous growth and momentum coming out of South Korea on both ADAS and self-driving technologie

Jaguar's Totally New EV Concept

Vector Concept That's Electric, Autonomous & Urban Source:  Jaguar Land Rover Vector Designed for Urban Mobility & Destination Zero Jaguar Land Rover just unveiled a brand new concept electric vehicle, Project Vector, that CEO Ralf Speth says is "autonomous ready". This EV is designed for private, shared and commercial use in urban areas. It looks more like a shuttle van than a traditional car.  But, it's very important to Jaguar Land Rover.  They are collaborating with what they call "the brightest minds in academia" at the UK's National Automotive Innovation Center at the University of Warwick, supply chains and digital services to create a connected, integrated mobility system to get to "Destination Zero".  That's a destination that has zero accidents, zero emissions and zero congestion. Future of Driving The design of the Vector is a form that's becoming very popular with

Jaguar's Autonomous Investment

Banks on Voyage's Autonomous Technology Source:  Voyage Funding to Commercialize Luxury automotive maker Jaguar Land Rover, headquartered in Coventry, England, is investing in autonomous vehicle startup Voyage.  Voyage is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They say their cars are equipped with state of the art, advanced sensors, giving a 360 degree picture of the world hundreds of  meters around the car.  They're also using machine learning to develop state of the art perception models. To Introduce G3 Self-Driving Vehicle The fresh funding will be used to bring Voyage's technology into commercialization, expand production of its fleet of G2 self-driving vehicles and introduce its G3 autonomous vehicle.  This is a follow-on investment by Jaguar Land Rover's VC arm InMotion Ventures.  The round of fundraising is being led by Franklin Templeton with $52 million raised so far. Voyage Will Roll-out Its Community Vehicles First Voyage's first dri