Jaguar's Autonomous Investment

Banks on Voyage's Autonomous Technology

Source:  Voyage

Funding to Commercialize
Luxury automotive maker Jaguar Land Rover, headquartered in Coventry, England, is investing in autonomous vehicle startup Voyage.  Voyage is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They say their cars are equipped with state of the art, advanced sensors, giving a 360 degree picture of the world hundreds of  meters around the car.  They're also using machine learning to develop state of the art perception models.

To Introduce G3 Self-Driving Vehicle
The fresh funding will be used to bring Voyage's technology into commercialization, expand production of its fleet of G2 self-driving vehicles and introduce its G3 autonomous vehicle.  This is a follow-on investment by Jaguar Land Rover's VC arm InMotion Ventures.  The round of fundraising is being led by Franklin Templeton with $52 million raised so far.

Voyage Will Roll-out Its Community Vehicles First
Voyage's first driverless cars will travel within large communities at speeds up to 40 kmph.  The company has been testing its vehicles at large retirement communities in Florida and California, one with a population of 125,000.


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