Pulling Water From Air - New Invention

Advanced Water Harvester from UC Berkeley

Source:  UC Berkeley's Water Harvester

Capable of Supplying Fresh Water to Global Villages in Need
One of humanity's biggest challenges is to develop technology to meet global drinking water supply needs.  A team at UC Berkeley has invented a new water harvester capable of collecting water from very dry desert air.  Most importantly, the team says their technology is scalable and capable of supplying clean drinking water to people in villages.  This technology promises to be a new source of clean drinking water to people in arid environments globally.

New Engineering
The device has been tested in the Mojave Desert and it works.  The base is a metal-organic framework (MOF) that pulls in and condenses water molecules from the very dry desert air.  The cartridges of MOFs are in a large, transparent box that includes a condenser to collect the water molecules as liquid water.

Third Variation on an Innovative Theme
This is the UC Berkeley's third version of the device.  They've increased its efficiency by ten-times by using a solar-powered fan and heat to increase water collection.  The device is microwave sized and can harvest five cups of water a day.  But the big deal is this technology can be scaled up to supply the daily clean, drinkable water needs of small villages.


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