World's 1st Power Generating Suitcase

Charges Devices by Spinning its Wheels

Source:  ROLLOGO

Charging Your Gadgets on the Go
ROLLOGO is the world's first self-charging luggage, that has wheels with a suspension system.  It's a remarkable combination of engineering, style and design.  Designed by well known innovator/designer Frederic Gooris of Brussels, it's a very smart gadget to keep your smart gadgets charged when you're on the go.  Importantly, this charging suitcase is TSA approved, according to ROLLOGO, so there's no problem at airport check-ins.

Spinning its Wheels
The ROLLOGO Escape S suitcase charges its power bank by spinning its wheels.  The company calls it a new way to travel smarter and more sophisticated.  Ten minutes of rolling wheels can create enough power to talk on your smartphone for an hour.  The suitcase contains an 8000 mAh lithium polymer power bank, that's recharged by the company's patented power generating wheel system.  The fully charged power bank offers ten hours of charging.

Pairs with Apps
The smart, carry-on suitcase pairs with an app to show what battery time is left both on the suitcase and your device.  It also has an app to let you track the carry-on and provides alerts if it gets out of range.  There's also an anti-theft device.  ROLLOGO is designed to be a first class suitcase and there other special features built into it.  The device has surpassed its Kickstarter goals and should start shipping in April 2020.  Interesting new travel tech!


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