Elon Musk Unveils Mars Vehicle

Space X Starship Super Heavy
Source:  SpaceX  Starship

CEO Elon Musk on to Mars
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk just unveiled his silver bullet:  a spacecraft to take you to Mars and beyond.  It's the new Starship Mk1 prototype, unveiled this weekend at SpaceX's South Texas test site in Boca Chico, TX.  Starship is a massive, reusable launch system.  When finalized, the vehicle will have a 387 foot Starship Super Heavy stack and be powered by six Raptor engines.  The spacecraft has room for 37 Raptor engines, depending on the mission needs and distance.

Musk, a Visionary Thinker
Starship will be capable of taking up to 100 people back and forth to space, including the Moon, Mars and other space destinations.  Musk says space travel has to be done like air travel.  He believes that is the first breakthrough needed to make humans a space-faring, multi-planet civilization.  He adds making space travel like air travel is "the fastest path to a self-sustaining city on Mars", which is his ultimate goal and destination.

Passengers in a Year
Musk says the Starship vehicle system could soar into space and back to Earth three times a day.  Meanwhile, testing of the vehicle continues with the next test in about a month during which Starship is targeted to reach 65,000 feet before returning to Earth.  Musk wants the vehicle to successfully perform an Earth orbit in six months.  And, if all goes well, people could start flying as passengers on the vehicle in the next year or so. 


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