Paris Testing Noise Radar Technology

New Device to Cut Vehicle Noise Pollution
Source:  Stock image of Paris at Night

Paris Without Noise Pollution
This new, innovative technology targets noise pollution from very loud sounding vehicles - motorcycles, cars and trucks.  The system is being tested in Paris and is installed on lampposts.  It identifies noisy vehicles, pinpoints their location and automatically tickets them.  Interestingly, the new device was created by engineers at Bruitparif, the city's noise pollution agency. The agency says with this device, the charge of noise pollution from revving your engines is not disputable.  They've nailed it.

New Technology to Cut Noise Pollution
The system uses four microphones to locate and triangulate where the vehicle loud noise pollution is coming from.  The sound reconfiguration is then linked to police CCTV camera footage to pinpoint the noisemaker.  A ticket is then automatically issued to the noise offender.  The city of Paris considers noise pollution from vehicles a health hazard.  Forty devices are in use around Paris and the system will be tested over the next two years.  This fall, voters will consider a law that specifies fines and at what decibels of noise.


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