Audi's Visionary Concept Vehicle

Futuristic Off-Road and Autonomous Buggy/SUV

Source:  Audi

Unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show
Audi unveiled a revolutionary vehicle concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show today.  It's the Audi AI: Trail Quattro Concept.  The vehicle combines off-road capabilities with autonomous driving technology.  Plus, it's all electric.

The vehicle has a fully electric powertrain with four electric motors and a large, lithium-ion battery.  An e-motor is installed on each wheel and drives them directly.  The Audi AI has a battery range of 250 to 310 miles on a charge.

Autonomous, Electric Buggy
Essentially, the Audi AI: Trail Quattro is a futuristic buggy style SUV with four doors and a lot of style.  On highways, it's capable of Level 4 autonomous driving, which is the second highest international level.  Off-road, it can provide autonomous driving at the Level 3 range.  It's also capable of going through 1.6 feet of water.  It's one of the most exciting and interesting vehicles at the Frankfurt Motor Show that just opened.