Italy's Luxury Brand Tod Innovates

Appoints former Google Executive as Chief Innovation and Digital Officer

Source:  Tod Company Store

Chasing Young Luxury Consumer
Italy's Tod, the luxury shoes and leather goods brand, has appointed a former Google executive Alessandra Domizi as their new Chief Digital and Innovation Officer.  The clear intent is to ramp up the global company's digital strategy, including online sales and marketing.  Ms. Domizi was previously Google's top industry executive for fashion and retail.  Tod's efforts are an important example of the infiltration of digital technology and marketing and the growing importance of online shopping, even at the luxury level.

Targeting Millennials Building Disposable Income
Tod is focused on accelerating its luxury digital efforts to pull in younger customers, particularly millennials who are starting to build disposable income.  Tod's sales started to decline a bit in 2017.  It was then that they started developing a new digital strategy called Tod's Factory.  The Factory initiative offers new products and more frequent fashion collections pushed by Tod's marketing efforts.  Retail experts say Tod is playing catch-up with their digital efforts that they hope Ms. Domizi will put into the fast lane.  


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