Very Smart Backpack from Google

Connectivity and Style - Fashion Titan Yves Saint Laurent Partners with Google

Source:  Yves Saint Laurent

Smart Shoulder Strap Powered by Google Project Jacquard
It's called the Cit-E Backpack and it features a smart shoulder strap that's powered by Google.  Specifically, by Google's Project Jacquard, that transforms ordinary objects like clothing and backpacks into interactive surfaces.  It weaves touch and gestures into any textile to enable connectivity.  The smart backpack is manufactured by Yves Saint Laurent in a partnership with Google.  YSL is a fashion titan and the price is pricey at $878.

Smart Strap, Smart Phone
There's a tiny module containing a battery and hardware made by Google that fits into a hollowed-out space in the backpack's compartment.  The module works with the wearer's cellphone and allows the left shoulder strap to control the phone.  There's a special cell phone pocket inside the backpack.

Backpack with Connectivity
By the user's hand gestures like taps or swipes on the shoulder strap, the phone is controlled and takes commands. There's a menu of specific gestures for specific results. The wearer can change the music or listen to messages.  Other functions will soon be announced.  The smart backpack will start shipping on October 15, 2019. It's a whole new world in your backpack.


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