Mercedes New Electric Sedan Concept

MB Targets: 50% of Lineup Electric by 2030
Source:  Daimler Mercedes Benz

Vision EQS Concept Unveiled in Frankfurt
At the world's largest auto show, this week in Frankfurt, Mercedes Benz unveiled the stylishly green Vision EQS Concept electric S-class sedan.  The company is calling it the "Mercedes of Mercedes" at the vanguard of innovation.  The concept has two electric motors, a radical new design and a maximum range of 435 miles.  This is another example of Mercedes' commitment to have 50% of its car lineup electric by 2030.

"Sculptural" New Design
The Vision EQS has an elegantly simple, melted car smooth design.  There are no visible door handles.  The next phase in the design is to make the car "sculptural", meaning you don't see any lines.  Of special note is the lighting on the car.  There's a blue light belt that illuminates around the entire body of the car.  And, the headlights are digital, using holographic lens modules to create a floating 3D appearance.  Finally, the vehicle can be voice controlled or on a central touch screen.  It's the future of new tech and electric driving that's very exciting.


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