New Tech: Exercise Smartly

Source:  Carnegie Mellon University

New Smart Camera, New Algorithm, New Exercise Tracking
Carnegie Mellon University engineers have developed a smart fitness tracker for the gym and for your home exercise area.  The GymCam system scans the crowds in a gym to automatically identify exercises and count the number of repetitions. All that's needed is a stationary camera with the new algorithm in a gym to detect exercise, the type of exercise and reliably count the number of repetitions. In your home for personal use, it can do the same functions.  It works with a smartphone for a person to record and track their workouts at home.  CMU says a number of companies are expressing interest in the system for in-home exercise.

Vision Based System with New Algorithm
This is a vision based system that employs a new algorithm to detect repetitive motion.  The CMU inventors say it goes beyond wearable sensors like smart watches, which they say don't track all exercises equally.  GymCam system operates with computer vision software.  In a gym it communicates with your smartphone or can be paired with a piece of exercise equipment.  It allows an athlete, in the gym or at home, to focus on the workout and not sweat the count.


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