Latest AI Breakthrough for Medicine

Four Second AI Diagnosis of Heart Disease

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Faster and As Good As Doctors
Scientists at the University College London have invented an AI program that can read a cardiac MRI scan in fractions of the time it takes doctors and the artificial intelligence system has equal accuracy.  The AI program reaches a diagnosis in just four seconds.  The doctors take an average of thirteen minutes to analyze the patient's heart function.  The results are equally accurate.

When Seconds Mean Saving a Life
Fractions of seconds of time for cardiac patients can be life saving.  This new AI program is significant and it's being deployed in robotic machines at the University College London in a series of trials.  This may be a great example of artificial intelligence and robotics greatly aiding medical specialists in more quickly analyzing and treating dangerous cardiac emergencies and saving lives.

UK Analysis
In the UK alone, 150,000 cardiac MRI scans are performed yearly.  The researchers estimate that using AI to accelerate them would save 54 clinicians days a year at UK cardiac centers. For a free Kindle borrow of our book " How to Use AI & AR", go to


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