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"Hot EVs for the 2020's" Sample Chapter. Author Edward Kane

Hottest Electric Vehicles in the R&D Pipeline for the 2020's

Must Have News You Can Use

This is a link to a sample chapter in the latest book published by journalist Ed Kane on the hottest electric vehicles in the global pipeline for roll outs in the 2020's.  I co-authored the book and believe this is news on zero-emissions electric vehicles you can use and will want to know about.
Important Innovations Collection: "Hot EVs for the 2020's" Sample Chapter: "Hot EVs for the 2020's" by Journalist Edward Kane Hottest Electric Vehicles Rolling Out Globally

Ford's Big Internet Connectivity Move for Vehicles

Introducing in the Mustang Mach-E SUV

Next G Vehicle Connectivity Ford just announced that it's rolling out huge internet connectivity for its vehicles.  And, Ford is starting with the upcoming Ford Mustang Mach-E all electric SUV.  The electric Mustang will be leading edge for a new, highly advanced generation of internet connectivity that Ford will deploy in its future vehicle lineups.
Real-Time Monitoring of Vehicle Performance Ford executives say this technology will take Ford business to the next level.  It will enable over-the-air software updates that will not require a trip to the dealership. New connectivity services for consumers will be available in the vehicles.  And, the technology will allow Ford to closely monitor vehicle performance in real time, in the real world.  Experts say the monitoring could go down to the level of individual parts in the car.
2021 Ford is taking $500 deposits and reservations for the Mach-E for delivery in 2021. Production of the iconic Mustan…

"How Dare You" by Ed Kane Sample Chapter

Adventure Fiction Book for Children

Cross Country Running, Forest of Fireflies and Life Lessons for Kids Here's something I suggest you take a look at.  For your enjoyment, here's a sample chapter of journalist Ed Kane's 5-star rated children's adventure fiction story "How Dare You".  It's available as an e-book, paperback and audiobook, which I, journalist and sister Maryanne Kane, narrated. To put it simply, I love this book for its beauty, creativity and inspirational content for kids.  It's designed to provide kids and their parents with an enchanting adventure story embedded with life lessons for all of us.
Chapter One – A New Life Everyone called her Cordy ever since she could remember.Her parents and teachers used her full name Cordelia when they thought she was being naughty or wanted her attention.“Cordelia stop dressing the dog in your winter hats”, her mother would say.“He’s a boy for God’s sake!”“Master your math, Cordelia.A student who maste…

Hyundai Invests $52 Billion on EVs

Massive R&D Investment in Electric Cars, Autonomous Cars, Flying Cars
Delivering Future of Mobility by 2025 Hyundai is pouring $52 billion into the development of electrics cars, self-driving cars, flying cars, robotics for them and an "ecosystem of mobility".  The South Korean automaker says it wants to be a frontrunner in the future mobility industry.  By 2025, Hyundai wants to trade in the name "automaker" for "smart mobility solution provider".
Ecosystem of Mobility Hyundai is the parent company of Kia and Hyundai.  The $52 billion R&D investment will go into two strategic areas.  One is more futuristic personal mobility vehicles like flying cars.  The other is accelerating traditional autos forward with electrification, self-driving systems, robotics and "last mile mobility".  By that Hyundai wants to combine products and services to deliver an "ecosystem of mobility" in the next decade.
Very Affordable EVs Hyundai wants to s…

Hot Electric Vehicles for 2020's New Book

Book by Journalist Ed Kane on Top EV Vehicles in the Pipeline and Readying for Market

EV News You Can Use The 2020's will be the decade of all-electric vehicles with zero emissions.  As a journalist, I'm watching and reporting on the EV mega-trends.  I've just published a new book "Hot Electric Vehicles for the 2020's" by Edward Kane.  It's just been published with fresh EV news as an e-book on Kindle and paperback on Amazon.  The book showcases the hottest EVs in the pipeline for rollout in the 2020's.  To enjoy a free read or free borrow, go to  and here's a quick link for a sample read

Robotic Playmate for Cats Home Alone

Ebo CatPal: Robotic Companion for Your Cat

Real-Time Monitor and Playmate for Home Alone Cats It's called the Ebo CatPal.  The device is designed to keep your pet cat happy, occupied and prevent boredom by providing the cat with fun interaction and exercise with a smart, robotic companion. This robot is loaded with advanced technology: CatPal has AI algorithms to detect the cat's mood and adapt to the cat's style of playIt connects to WiFi to enable the owners to monitor the cat with sound and video, providing access anywhereThere's a 1080p HD camera to live stream the catEbo's movements are autonomous and it can wheel, roll and dance on its own with the assistance of collision sensorsEbo's eyes, sounds and movements mimic real-life playIt self-returns to its charging block to recharge when neededCat-Proof Ebo is ruggedly cat-proof and round.  After scanning a room for obstacles, it rolls about on its own power, makes noises and flashes its LED eyes.  60% of US c…

Germany Leads EV Sales in Europe

Top Electric Car Seller Renault Zoe

Electric Vehicles Going Mainstream in Germany Germany is Europe's biggest auto market.  Since the beginning of 2019, it's been pulling ahead of Norway as the biggest market for electric vehicles.  Now for the first time, Germany is poised to end 2019 as the regional leader in electric car sales on an annual basis. In 2019 through November, 57,533 new electric cars were sold in Germany.  By contrast, 56,893 electric cars were sold in Norway.  Since 2010, Norway has led Europe in the sales of electric cars.
European EV Incentive Push Across Europe, governments are rolling out incentives to sell electric vehicles and push for green energy, cutting carbon dioxide emissions.  In Germany, Daimler, BMW, VW are launching a major EV push with new models in 2020 and through the decade. In Germany alone, 150 new electric cars will be available by 2023.  German automakers will have invested approximately $49 billion in the development of electric vehicles…

All Electric, Submarine Car: World 1st

All-Electric Submersible Convertible for Land and Sea

Swiss Mobility Innovation This is the ultimate, all-electric concept car for land and sea from Switzerland.  The sQuba is an all-electric vehicle that's the world's 1st fully submersible car that drives perfectly on land and underwater.  And, the travel from land to underwater is seamless.  It's a concept vehicle designed to demonstrate the future of mobility
Straight Out of James Bond 007 The car designer is Frank Rinderknecht and his Swiss team at the Swiss mobility lab Rinspeed.  Rinderknecht has been creating innovative concept cars for forty years. The inspiration for the sQuba comes from the Lotus submarine car "Wet Nellie" that James Bond 007 drove in the 1977 movie "The Spy Who Loves Me".  That car was pure fiction.  The sQuba is the real thing.
Submersible Convertible The sQuba is powered by three electric motors charged by lithium ion batteries.  One e-motor provides propulsion on land and the…

Calling All Frogs for the Environment

Australia's FrogPhone for Science

FrogPhone Science Calls to Remotely Monitor the Environment
This new innovation is a call for science. Australian researchers have developed the FrogPhone system, which once installed at a frog pond location,enables scientists to call in on their cell phones and remotely  listen in on frogs in the wild.  Why is that important?  It provides great access and data to monitor the health of the environment.  Frogs are widely recognized as one of the best barometers of how healthy local environments are.  The FrogPhone is a novel device and a technological first.

Frogs and the Quality of the Surrounding Environment
The FrogPhone allows scientists to call a frog screening site and monitor the frogs, real-time, in nature.  This is the world's first solar powered device that provides environmental data via text while conducting real-time sound surveys over the phone.  The quality of an area's frog population reveals the health of the surrounding envi…

VW Going Electric Vehicles

2020 Offering of VW ID.3 EV

One of 15 New EVs Set to Launch in 2020 A new wave of high style, long range and attractively priced electric vehicles will start rolling out in 2020 and throughout the new decade.  Of the 15 new Electric vehicles set to launch in 2020, a top contender is the VW ID.3.
Electric Driving Future The all-electric, VW ID.3 is a five door hatchback that will hit showrooms in early 2020.  The vehicle is much anticipated and has been cited as one of the top five entrants into the electric vehicle driving market. VW has four electric vehicle concepts that it's been developing.  Besides the VW ID.3, the ID.Vizzion, ID.Crzz and ID.Buzz are in the development pipeline.  All of these vehicles will have a 250 mile range on one charge.
2019 EVs In 2019 there are about 50 EV models for sale in the US.  The new decade will usher in 100 new EVs during the first few years.  VW is a big part of the picture.  The automaker says it will produce 22 million EVS by 2029.  As VW pu…

Hot Electric Vehicles for the 2020's

Top EV Vehicles in the Pipeline and Readying for Market

EV News You Can Use The 2020's will be the decade of all-electric vehicles with zero emissions.  As journalists, Ed Kane and I are closely watching and reporting on the EV mega-trends.  EVs are a top means of fighting toxic fumes from gas guzzling cars, planes, motorcycles and fighting Climate Change.  EV technology is poised to make a positive difference for the global environment.
Handy Book for 2020's EVs We've  just published a new book "Hot Electric Vehicles for the 2020's" by Edward Kane and co-authored by me, Maryanne Kane.  It's being published now as an e-book on Kindle.  The book showcases the hottest EVs in the pipeline for rollout in the 2020's.  EV vehicles included in the book are SUVs, sedans, pickup trucks, planes, flying cars, scooters, motorbikes, motorcycles, watercraft and more from global companies. To check for availability, free borrows and reads, go to…

India Pushing Electric Vehicles for its Roads

Targets 200 Million Vehicles to be Electric by 2026

India's Government Sees EV Future India is working on a plan to require that all 2-wheel vehicles, such as mopeds, motorbikes and scooters, be electric by 2026.  That is a very big deal.  2-wheel vehicles are the dominant form of transportation in India.  Of the 250 million registered vehicles, 190 million are 2-wheel.
Global EV Capital The government of Prime Minister Narenda Modi is strongly committed to an EV future.  In fact, the government is accelerating incentives to produce and buy EVs.  A number of new startups are springing up creating e-scooters, e-mopeds and e-bikes.  India has a goal to become a global capital of EV manufacturing.
Cleaner, Greener Driving For India much is at stake.  It is a huge consumer of crude oil to power the 250 million vehicles, which in turn spew toxic emissions into the air.  A recent study indicates that vehicle emissions in India caused 74,000 premature deaths and more than $20 billion in dam…

Developing EVs by Mass Producing E Batteries News

One of the World's Largest:  $2.3 Billion EV Battery Plant for Lordstown, Ohio

GM and South Korea's LG Chem Joint Venture GM and South Korea's LG Chem are investing $2.3 billion to build an electric vehicle battery cell plant in the Lordstown area of Ohio, USA.  The plant will be one of the world's largest EV battery cell producing plants.  GM and LG Chem will break ground for the new facility in mid-2020 and the new plant will create 1100 jobs at the start of operations. The companies say this plant will be flexible enough to respond to rapid changes in EV battery technology needs.  Those needs are accelerating with demand for greater range on less charge times, advancing with electric car technology and they are very expensive.
GM CEO Mary Barra's Electric Vehicle Commitment This is a very significant investment.  GM CEO Mary Barra believes that the future of driving is electric.  The lack of lithium-ion battery supplies, persistent production problems and the pres…

Electric Vehicles Driving into 2020

Tesla Gets a Run for its Money

Big E-Competition from Volvo and BMW The 2020's are expected to be the decade of electric vehicles.  Every major automaker is planning to electrify its vehicle lineups.  For the first time, some global automakers will offer more electric and hybrid than conventional, gas and diesel powered vehicles.  There are projections that by 2030 electric cars will amount to more than 20% of new cars sold in the US.
Mass Market Electric Vehicles Two electric cars expected to be important to a wide consumer audience are coming out during 2020 from BMW and Volvo.  These cars are designed and priced to give Tesla a run for its electric vehicle money.
BMW i4 The 2020 BMW i4, 4 door, fastback styled electric vehicle is expected to hit the market in 2020 and be an important factor.  Entry level models will be priced at less than $40,000.  Reports indicate this vehicle can get 340 to 435 miles on a single charge, which offers Tesla significant competition.  More details w…