Solar Powered Headphones

Sustainable Listening: JBL Reflect Eternal Wireless Headphones

Source:   JBL

Totally Green Sound from Light
The Reflect Eternal headphones from JBL generate power to operate from the natural light of the Sun and from artificial light.  The self-charging headphones contain solar-charging material, Powerfoyle from Exeger, that is built into the headband.  The material transforms light into free, sustainable energy. The headphones need only two hours of sun per day to provide 168 hours of listening.  The headphones can be used indoors and outside and can recharge on artificial light.

Crowdfunding for Consumer Input
JBL is attempting to develop the Reflect Eternal headphones by collaborating directly with consumers by engaging them in crowdfunding on Indiegogo through January 14, 2020.  They want to determine the level of consumer interest in such a green, sustainable product and then fine-tune the product from input.  JBL is a long established audio company with products like ProSound. The JBL Reflect Eternal headphones are totally wireless and powered by next generation, green, solar power.


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