Ferrari Goes Electric High Performance

Ultimate Electric Car

Source:  Ferrari SF90 Stradale Hybrid 

Ferrari's Hybrid:  Their Most Powerful Car
Ferrari is going all-electric.  CEO Louis Camilleri told reporters he anticipates the all-electric Ferrari will come out sometime around 2025.  It's coming in a few years because Camilleri says the battery technology isn't where it should be yet, including the need for faster recharging.  He also wants advanced autonomous systems.  Camilleri sees the advanced technology coming together to create Ferrari's first all electric car by the mid-2020's. That is a major statement about the future of electric cars including in the industry's highest performance category.

Ferrari Now Focused on Hybridization
Ferrari's newest model, the SF90 Stradale, is the company most powerful car ever.  And, it's a plug-in hybrid.  The vehicle packs 986 horsepower, reaches 60 mph in 2.5 seconds and has maximum speeds of 211 mph.  Ferrari is focusing on hybridization now and hopes to have a 60% hybrid lineup by 2022, when it will introduce its first SUV.  Meanwhile, the all-electric Ferrari is being developed on a GT (Grand Touring) platform for its introduction in the mid-2020's.  


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