India Pushing Electric Vehicles for its Roads

Targets 200 Million Vehicles to be Electric by 2026

Source:  New Delhi Street stock image

India's Government Sees EV Future
India is working on a plan to require that all 2-wheel vehicles, such as mopeds, motorbikes and scooters, be electric by 2026.  That is a very big deal.  2-wheel vehicles are the dominant form of transportation in India.  Of the 250 million registered vehicles, 190 million are 2-wheel.

Global EV Capital
The government of Prime Minister Narenda Modi is strongly committed to an EV future.  In fact, the government is accelerating incentives to produce and buy EVs.  A number of new startups are springing up creating e-scooters, e-mopeds and e-bikes.  India has a goal to become a global capital of EV manufacturing.

Cleaner, Greener Driving
For India much is at stake.  It is a huge consumer of crude oil to power the 250 million vehicles, which in turn spew toxic emissions into the air.  A recent study indicates that vehicle emissions in India caused 74,000 premature deaths and more than $20 billion in damage.  The government's EV plan has been evolving but it is clearly committed to accelerating the use of electric vehicles. And it has the backing of the giant Indian conglomerate Tata Group, including Tata Power and Tata Motor, to build 300 rapid, recharging stations in five major cities within the next year or so.


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