Revolutionary Electricmobility Platform from Israel

REE Electric Vehicle System:  Engines Directly in the Wheels

Source:  R3E

Increases Efficiencies and Cuts Costs
REE, an Israeli start-up based in Tel Aviv, aims to reimagine the future of electric vehicles.  They've developed potentially disruptive technology that enables a completely different way of building electric vehicles.  They've created a completely flat and modular chassis.  That allows all engine components to be put directly next to the wheels and below the body of the car.  The design reduces weight and space and increases efficiencies.  Essentially, the team has developed a new electromobility platform that works across models from powerful cars to 10 ton trucks.

Skateboard Chassis
REE calls it a skateboard chassis.  The modular design puts the engine, suspension, steering, electronics, powertrain, brakes and other components right next to the wheels. This fundamentally changes the way cars are built.  Furthermore the system is lightweight, with a gearbox that weighs 13 pounds instead of 440 pounds.

Big Investors Wanted
REE has partnered with Mitsubishi and other leading automotive players on their technology.  They are currently seeking investors to build into mass industrial production.  Their skateboard chassis allows manufacturers to design the car as they want it.  And because the chassis is modular it can be used on a wide range of models, while cutting costs significantly.  For a sample read of my latest book "Hot Electric Vehicles of the 2020's", go to


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