GM Pushing New Boundaries of Driving

Driving With No Hands & No Human Control

Source:  GM CEO Mary Barra with Cruise Autonomous Car

Computers in the Driver's Seat
GM is engaged in talks with the US National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA) to secure permission to deploy a limited number of steering wheel-less, fully autonomous cars on US roads.  The cars are designed to be totally autonomous with no steering wheel and no human controls. Essentially, computers are in the driver's seat. GM believes this could make for safer driving and less accidents.  The head of the NHSA has confirmed that the Agency is doing due diligence on the GM request.

New Automated Piloting Systems
The federal agency expects to make a decision on the request by early 2020.  It also will make a judgement on a petition by the driverless delivery service Nuro to deploy a limited number of low speed, delivery trucks with no humans onboard.  These highly automated piloting systems for road vehicles and also for airplanes have the potential of revolutionizing air and ground transportation.  The NHSA says that it understands the important, precedent-setting nature of its decision on both requests.

GM's Autonomous and Electric Priorities
GM and Nuro are among the leading transportation companies pushing the frontiers of driverless travel.  For GM CEO Mary Barra, the development of autonomous and electric vehicles are two of her top priorities.  The NHSA is pouring through the details to make sure the vehicles are as safe as cars driven by humans on the roads.  For a free sample read of my latest Amazon book "Hot Electric Vehicles for the 2020's", go to


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