"How Dare You" by Ed Kane Sample Chapter

Adventure Fiction Book for Children

Cross Country Running, Forest of Fireflies and Life Lessons for Kids
Here's something I suggest you take a look at.  For your enjoyment, here's a sample chapter of journalist Ed Kane's 5-star rated children's adventure fiction story "How Dare You".  It's available as an e-book, paperback and audiobook, which I, journalist and sister Maryanne Kane, narrated. To put it simply, I love this book for its beauty, creativity and inspirational content for kids.  It's designed to provide kids and their parents with an enchanting adventure story embedded with life lessons for all of us.

Chapter One – A New Life
Everyone called her Cordy ever since she could remember.  Her parents and teachers used her full name Cordelia when they thought she was being naughty or wanted her attention.   “Cordelia stop dressing the dog in your winter hats”, her mother would say.  “He’s a boy for God’s sake!”  “Master your math, Cordelia.  A student who masters math masters the world,” Ms. Mapes told her.

Forest of Fireflies Cordy Runs Through

"Really, Ms. Mapes” Cordy thought.  “What about history and English.”  These were studies she liked much better than math.  They were fun to study.  After all, Cordy was a big dreamer.  She would sometimes pretend she was an historic figure and make up tales.  She loved to write her tales.

What she did not love was her full name.  Cordelia was an old name.  There was a Cordelia who was the Queen of the Britons.  That was something.  Long ago the name was regal.  But, not for Cordy.  Some mean kids used it to bully her.  “Cordelie” a couple of them chanted in a sing-songy way.

Cordy did her best to ignore them.  Her mother told her “Pay no attention.  They’re not worth it.  If you want me to tell their parents on them, I will.”

But Cordy didn’t want her to go to their parents to make them stop.  She was new at the school.  They had just moved and she didn’t have any friends.  Having her mother complain about her classmates to their parents wasn’t going to help matters.
What did help matters was an idea her mother had.  “You’re a fast runner, Cordy.  I heard Ms. Mapes is starting a cross country team.  How about you joining? 

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