Denmark's Big Wind Power Island Plans

Denmark's New Artificial Offshore Island to Harness Wind Energy

Source:  Wind Turbines off Denmark Stock Image

$30 Million Landmark Project of Wind Island Innovation

Denmark is planning an unprecedented $30 million offshore wind island to pull in wind energy from offshore wind farms.  The island will be built as an artificial island of green energy innovation. The island will tie-in power from existing offshore wind farms.  This planned facility could have a total capacity of 10 gigawatts.  The price-tag for it is $30 million

Wind Energy Suppling Denmark
10 gigawatts of energy would be enough to supply 10 million households in Europe. Denmark's population is 6 million. The catalyst behind this project is Denmark's ambitious green energy plans.  They've established rigorous regulations to meet tough climate change targets.  Their wind island is designed to harness blowing winds, power virtually all households in the nation and take them to a greener future.

Next Steps
Denmark's Energy Ministry is currently looking for the right location to build one and even more islands surrounded by wind farms.  The country wants to cut greenhouse gas emissions 70% by 2030.  Denmark is the headquarters for ORSTED, which is the world's largest development company for offshore wind.  It also is headquarters for the wind turbine giant Vestas.

World Leader in Wind Energy
Denmark is a leader in Europe and globally in wind energy.  It has already covered 41% of its electricity demands from wind power.  It reached that target in 2018 and is now #1 in Europe for the successful use of wind energy. 


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