Elon Musk's Las Vegas People Mover Tunnel

Las Vegas Tunnel to Open in 2020

Source:  The Boring Company

Musk's Boring Company that's Not so Boring
The first commercial version of Elon Musk's people mover tunnel will open in Las Vegas in 2020.  Its's designed as a "traffic busting" alternative to congested streets in crowded cities.  The tunnel is one mile long.  Musk just announced that he expects the tunnel to open during 2020.

Las Vegas on the Move
The tunnel is being built by Musk's not-so-boring Boring Company.  It connects the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Vegas Strip.  The sprawling Convention Center is being enlarged and the tunnel is expected to facilitate traffic at the Center to the Strip where many of the city's major hotels and casinos are located.

Twin Tunnels
The Boring Company was commissioned by Las Vegas officials last spring to design, build and manage the twin tunnel system.  Passengers will be transported in small autonomous vehicles carrying 8 to 16 people.

Travel Visionary
Musk is a visionary engineer who wants to revolutionize travel through his three major companies:  Tesla, SpaceX and Boring.  He's pushing for an underground train-like system called The Hyperloop.  The Hyperloop would carry passengers in capsules through pressurized tubes at high speeds.  He's built a test tunnel at one of his facilities in California.  


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