New Mobile Robot Charging EVs

VW's Mobile Charging Robot for EVs

Source:  VW

Revolution for EVs in Parking Lots
This new mobile, EV battery recharging robotic device is innovation from VW. VW calls it revolutionary and it's clearly important and possibly gamechanging for the use of electric vehicles.  VW has developed a mobile, robot charging station that brings the electric battery recharging unit directly to parked cars.  This innovative system directly addresses the problem of the few charging stations available to make for the easy re-charge use of electric cars.  It's going to be deployed first in underground parking garages to essentially make every parking space a charging space.  And the entire charging process is fully autonomous with no human assistance needed.

VW Innovation
Two unique pieces of technology are involved in this new EV charging system.  There's an autonomous driving robot and a EV battery wagon.  The VW recharge system can be summoned by an app or V2X communications.  That would trigger it to self-drive to your vehicle, connect its battery wagon to your E-car and leave it to charge. It then goes on to another EV that needs a re-charge.  The driving robot can carry several recharge wagons.  When their work is done, it brings the system back to the near recharge station to go back into action.

Technology Enabling Electric Driving
What VW is developing is revolutionizing the use of EVs by enabling recharging in parking lots at a parking space at a time.  Right now, each of their battery wagons carry an energy content of 25 kWh. VW is also installing 36,000 charging stations around Europe by 2025.  The future of driving is clearly electric and companies making big investments in the EV future are important to take a good and hard look at.


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