IBM's Breakthrough Seaweed Battery

No Heavy Metals, Plus Rapid Charging, Cheaper, More Efficient, Good For Environment

Source:  IBM

IBM and Mercedes Partner to  Commercialize
IBM has created a revolutionary battery that replaces the heavy metals in the cathode with 3 elements extracted from seawater.  They are also utilizing a  new type of liquid electrolyte.  It's a safer, more "ethically sourced" and highly efficient new type of battery.  The standard heavy metals used like nickel and cobalt are very harmful to the environment and pose humanitarian risks in mining.  IBM says this new seawater battery outperforms lithium-ion batteries in major respects.

Already Going Commercial
This battery invention has the potential to be a blockbuster and is worthy of being tracked by investors.  IBM says the battery can be optimized to surpass the capability of lithium-ion batteries in terms of lower costs, faster charging time, higher power and energy density, stronger energy efficiency and lower flammability.  The big application is for electric vehicles.  Mercedes-Benz is partnering with IBM to commercialize the new technology.

Long-Term Sustainability
IBM says their new battery invention could transform the long term sustainability of many parts of our energy infrastructure.  The company is keeping details on the makeup of the battery under wraps.  But we do know the battery rapidly charges at a pace of 80% in five minutes.  And using elements from seawater as a key component make it sustainable and much better for the environment.


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