Tesla Delivers 1st China Model 3

Global Record Turnaround for New $2Billion Tesla Plant in Shanghai

Source:  Tesla's Gigafactory in Shanghai

World's First China-Made Model 3 Electric Sedans
Tesla today, as promised, started delivering its Model 3 electric sedans made in its brand new $2 billion Shanghai Gigafactory.  The turnaround time is amazing.  Tesla started construction on the plant less than a year ago.  Delivering finished cars so quickly is a world record for global automakers in China.  It's another great achievement for the American electric vehicle maker Tesla and for its founder/CEO Elon Musk.

World's Biggest EV Market
Tesla says it will start ramping up deliveries in January 2020.  The Chinese-made version of the Model 3 is priced at $50,000.  China is the world's biggest car market and the world's biggest electric vehicle market.  Tesla is clearly capitalizing on and investing in the market opportunity.  Tesla's Shanghai plant is China's first wholly foreign-owned automotive plant.  Tesla is doubling its China workforce in 2020 to 1500.  It's also doubling the number of customer service centers and fast-charging stations to provide Chinese customers with great customer experiences.  Tesla says, it plans to manufacture 1000 electric vehicles a week in China, starting in early 2020.  It's a big electric vehicle opportunity that Tesla is charging ahead on.


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