Ford Going Mainstream Electric Pickup Truck

Electric Ford F-150 Pickup

Source:  Ford F-series Electric Truck Prototype

Assembled in Michigan for 2021
Ford is investing in electric vehicles in a very big way.  A few weeks ago, it unveiled to rave review the Ford Mustang all-electric SUV, the Mach-E.  Today, Ford made good on a promise to electrify its highly popular F-150 pickup truck and to do so in its Michigan assembly plants with production likely in 2021.

UAW Contract
As part of its 4 year agreement with the UAW ratified in November 2019, Ford is pouring $6 billion into US plants for the production of electric and hybrid versions of the F-150 pickup along with autonomous vehicles and other products.  Ford is also adding nearly 3,000 jobs to its Michigan workforce.

2021 Big Year
For Ford, the first autonomous vehicles will be completed in Michigan starting in 2021.  The fully electric F-150 pickup will come shortly after that.  This is part of Ford's $11.5 billion investment toward global electrified vehicles.  Also in 2021, competitors like GM will deliver an electric truck and the Tesla Cybertruck will be coming late that year.  It's an accelerating electric vehicle future rolling into showrooms and onto highways near you.


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