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Launch Late 2021 Source:  Tesla's Elon Musk Jumps on the Cybertruck Elon Musk's E-Pickup and E-ATV Companion The Tesla electric pickup truck, Cybertruck, and the electric ATV Cyberquad are known to be some of entrepreneur/Tesla CEO Elon Musk's favorite pet projects. He is looking to launch them in 2021.  Musk the marketer is pushing his new innovations.  As a teaser for Jay Lenno's show "Jay Lenno's Garage", Musk jumped on the body of his Cybertruck prototype, which is made of the same material he uses for his SpaceX rocket skins and he took Leno for a ride in it.  The body material didn't dent unlike the cybertruck's windows that famously cracked a few months ago when hit during a demonstration.  Musk is working on many improvements as he goes into production of his Cybertruck. Fascinating, Innovative Offerings Musk expects to incorporate and offer some very innovative features on the Cybertruck.  Here are some examples: Owners w

Ford Going Mainstream Electric Pickup Truck

Electric Ford F-150 Pickup Source:  Ford F-series Electric Truck Prototype Assembled in Michigan for 2021 Ford is investing in electric vehicles in a very big way.  A few weeks ago, it unveiled to rave review the Ford Mustang all-electric SUV, the Mach-E.  Today, Ford made good on a promise to electrify its highly popular F-150 pickup truck and to do so in its Michigan assembly plants with production likely in 2021. UAW Contract As part of its 4 year agreement with the UAW ratified in November 2019, Ford is pouring $6 billion into US plants for the production of electric and hybrid versions of the F-150 pickup along with autonomous vehicles and other products.  Ford is also adding nearly 3,000 jobs to its Michigan workforce. 2021 Big Year For Ford, the first autonomous vehicles will be completed in Michigan starting in 2021.  The fully electric F-150 pickup will come shortly after that.  This is part of Ford's $11.5 billion investment toward global electrified vehic

VW's Electric Prototype GTX Muscle Car

Prototype VW ID GTX Source:  VW ID.4 Prototype in Camouflage GTX or Muscle Car VW is planning on using the GTX moniker, meaning muscle car, for high performance versions of its all electric lineup of vehicles rolling out in the 2020's. VW is keeping information tight on this and is even camouflaging images of the vehicle called the VW ID GTX. Expectations of the VW ID GTX The vehicle is expected to be very high performance, all wheel drive, with dual electric motors which should give the vehicle extra power and firmer grip on the road.  Reports indicate that a 2-door version of the ID.4 GTX could launch in Europe in 2021. GTX Namesake The GTX namesake goes back to 1967.  It was on the Plymouth Belvedere GTX and lasted about two years.  But among car lovers GTX is synonymous with muscle car.  VW has already trademarked GTX for the new, all-electric vehicle.  To take a look at my latest book "How Electric Vehicles for the 2020's", go to  htt

Google Tech Gets GM Big Win

Controlling Your Dashboard - New Big Tech War Source:  GM Embedding Google Tech in 3.6 Million Cars Yearly GM has selected Google Technology to be embedded in their vehicles starting in 2021.  The win for Google is huge.  Their tech could be installed in 3.6 million GM vehicles yearly.  The Google technology will power navigation and provide voice-activated controls.  It will also deliver expanded infotainment functions.  Google beat Amazon for this deal which is part of a big, emerging race among technology companies to control vehicle dashboards. Google Apps Onboard GM Vehicles Google Assistant, Google Maps and other applications will be available through the Google Play App Store for all GM brands.  The first brands with built-in Google technology will roll in 2021 with more to come.  The one market this won't be available in is China, as of right now. Amazon Versus Google This Google win was a big defeat for Amazon which is trying to sell its rival