Our Audiobooks

We now have three audiobooks published by ACX, iTunes and Audible. " Important Innovations Collection:  Energy."  "Important Innovations Collection:  Robotics".  "Important Innovations Collection:  Travel"

Here is the link to the Robotics innovations audiobook https://www.acx.com/titleview/A2F3NB1C9S1WP2

Link to the audiobook Renewable Energy Innovations

Link to Travel innovations audiobook  https://www.acx.com/titleview/A9MD4MFPE4JXE

Link to our Edward Kane Author Page on Amazon where you will find nearly a dozen paperback and e-books, plus audiobooks, on the latest innovations breaking across global industries amazon.com/author/ekane 

And, link to our Audiobook blog https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?tab=mj&blogID=7896295549321871325#allposts