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Happy New Year 2020

From Maryanne Kane, to all my friends on social media, a Very Happy New Year!!! May 2020 be the best for you!!!

Tesla Delivers 1st China Model 3

Global Record Turnaround for New $2Billion Tesla Plant in Shanghai

World's First China-Made Model 3 Electric Sedans
Tesla today, as promised, started delivering its Model 3 electric sedans made in its brand new $2 billion Shanghai Gigafactory.  The turnaround time is amazing.  Tesla started construction on the plant less than a year ago.  Delivering finished cars so quickly is a world record for global automakers in China.  It's another great achievement for the American electric vehicle maker Tesla and for its founder/CEO Elon Musk.

World's Biggest EV Market
Tesla says it will start ramping up deliveries in January 2020.  The Chinese-made version of the Model 3 is priced at $50,000.  China is the world's biggest car market and the world's biggest electric vehicle market.  Tesla is clearly capitalizing on and investing in the market opportunity.  Tesla's Shanghai plant is China's first wholly foreign-owned automotive plant.  Tesla is doubling its China workfo…

IBM's Breakthrough Seaweed Battery

No Heavy Metals, Plus Rapid Charging, Cheaper, More Efficient, Good For Environment

IBM and Mercedes Partner to  Commercialize IBM has created a revolutionary battery that replaces the heavy metals in the cathode with 3 elements extracted from seawater.  They are also utilizing a  new type of liquid electrolyte.  It's a safer, more "ethically sourced" and highly efficient new type of battery.  The standard heavy metals used like nickel and cobalt are very harmful to the environment and pose humanitarian risks in mining.  IBM says this new seawater battery outperforms lithium-ion batteries in major respects.
Already Going Commercial This battery invention has the potential to be a blockbuster and is worthy of being tracked by investors.  IBM says the battery can be optimized to surpass the capability of lithium-ion batteries in terms of lower costs, faster charging time, higher power and energy density, stronger energy efficiency and lower flammability.  The big application…

Elon Musk's Las Vegas People Mover Tunnel

Las Vegas Tunnel to Open in 2020

Musk's Boring Company that's Not so Boring The first commercial version of Elon Musk's people mover tunnel will open in Las Vegas in 2020.  Its's designed as a "traffic busting" alternative to congested streets in crowded cities.  The tunnel is one mile long.  Musk just announced that he expects the tunnel to open during 2020.
Las Vegas on the Move The tunnel is being built by Musk's not-so-boring Boring Company.  It connects the Las Vegas Convention Center to the Vegas Strip.  The sprawling Convention Center is being enlarged and the tunnel is expected to facilitate traffic at the Center to the Strip where many of the city's major hotels and casinos are located.
Twin Tunnels The Boring Company was commissioned by Las Vegas officials last spring to design, build and manage the twin tunnel system.  Passengers will be transported in small autonomous vehicles carrying 8 to 16 people.
Travel Visionary Musk is a visionary engin…

New Mobile Robot Charging EVs

VW's Mobile Charging Robot for EVs

Revolution for EVs in Parking Lots
This new mobile, EV battery recharging robotic device is innovation from VW. VW calls it revolutionary and it's clearly important and possibly gamechanging for the use of electric vehicles.  VW has developed a mobile, robot charging station that brings the electric battery recharging unit directly to parked cars.  This innovative system directly addresses the problem of the few charging stations available to make for the easy re-charge use of electric cars.  It's going to be deployed first in underground parking garages to essentially make every parking space a charging space.  And the entire charging process is fully autonomous with no human assistance needed.

VW Innovation
Two unique pieces of technology are involved in this new EV charging system.  There's an autonomous driving robot and a EV battery wagon.  The VW recharge system can be summoned by an app or V2X communications.  That would trigger …

EV News from VW & Tesla

VW Accelerating EV Production to Meet Growing Demand

Ahead of Electric Targets
Volkswagen just announced it's way ahead of schedule in the production of electric vehicles.  In fact, it's two years ahead of its targeted numbers.  By the end of 2023, it will have produced 1 million electric vehicles.  It expects to have produced 1.5 million EVs by 2025.  These are important milestones for VW because the future of driving in the 2020's is accelerating toward EVs, These are vehicles that are all-electric with no emissions, green, clean and great for the global environment.

Tesla and China Synergies
Meanwhile, Tesla is reaching a landmark.  The first delivery of its China-made Model 3 EV will hit on December 30, 2019.  The turnaround time on these EVs is incredibly fast. In fact, it's a record for a global automaker in China. Construction started on Tesla's first plant outside of the US, in Shanghai, China in January 2019. Vehicle production in the plant started in Octobe…

Laser Wipers Replacing Windshield Wipers

Latest Brilliant Idea from Tesla's Elon Musk
Virtual Light Show Around Your Car Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has filed for a patent on his latest idea:  replacing car windshield wipers with laser beams.  The billionaire engineer, who also founded and is the CEO of SpaceX, has big plans for this laser innovation.  His first goal is to replace windshield wipers with laser beam wipers.
Light Technology The system uses pulsed lasers and detection circuitry to identify debris on the windshield and direct a laser to remove it.  It calibrates the amount of laser light needed to do the job.  According to the patent application the system is sensitive and smart enough to differentiate wanted items like a car inspection sticker and not remove it.
Additional Uses In addition to keeping car windshields clean and clear, the system can be deployed to remove dirt from cameras that direct autonomous cars.  It can also clean solar panels on the car to keep the panels more efficient.  Entrepreneur …

Revolutionary Electricmobility Platform from Israel

REE Electric Vehicle System:  Engines Directly in the Wheels

Increases Efficiencies and Cuts Costs REE, an Israeli start-up based in Tel Aviv, aims to reimagine the future of electric vehicles.  They've developed potentially disruptive technology that enables a completely different way of building electric vehicles.  They've created a completely flat and modular chassis.  That allows all engine components to be put directly next to the wheels and below the body of the car.  The design reduces weight and space and increases efficiencies.  Essentially, the team has developed a new electromobility platform that works across models from powerful cars to 10 ton trucks.
Skateboard Chassis REE calls it a skateboard chassis.  The modular design puts the engine, suspension, steering, electronics, powertrain, brakes and other components right next to the wheels. This fundamentally changes the way cars are built.  Furthermore the system is lightweight, with a gearbox that weighs 13 pounds …

Bobsla: New Winter Sports EV

Electric Vehicle Invented in Austria

Riding Through the Alps
It's called the Bobsla and it's a unique electric vehicle invention.  Bobsla is an electric bobsled vehicle that's similar to a go-cart on the snow.  The Innsbruck-based startup Bobsla GmbH has successfully tested the device and it's now taking riders for exhilarating rides through the Alps.  The inventors say it's easy to learn, safe and is designed as an alternative to snowmobiling and skiing.

Electricity on Ice
The device has a rear-mounted electric motor that can accelerate up to 18 mph.  It's quiet and more affordable than a snowmobile.  The inventors say it's great for snowy tourist destination.  It offers non-skiers something more exciting to do by taking rides in the snow.

Mercedes Challenge
According to the Bobsla's website, the company and the device have been invited by Mercedes to participate in the Sprinter Startup challenge.  The inventors consider their Bobsla part snowmobile and…

Solar Powered Headphones

Sustainable Listening: JBL Reflect Eternal Wireless Headphones

Totally Green Sound from Light
The Reflect Eternal headphones from JBL generate power to operate from the natural light of the Sun and from artificial light.  The self-charging headphones contain solar-charging material, Powerfoyle from Exeger, that is built into the headband.  The material transforms light into free, sustainable energy. The headphones need only two hours of sun per day to provide 168 hours of listening.  The headphones can be used indoors and outside and can recharge on artificial light.

Crowdfunding for Consumer Input
JBL is attempting to develop the Reflect Eternal headphones by collaborating directly with consumers by engaging them in crowdfunding on Indiegogo through January 14, 2020.  They want to determine the level of consumer interest in such a green, sustainable product and then fine-tune the product from input.  JBL is a long established audio company with products like ProSound. The JBL Reflect E…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

From Maryanne Kane, a Very Merry Christmas!!! Best wishes to all.  Happy Holidays!!

"Hot EVs for 2020's" Sample Chapter by Ed Kane

Just Published Book on the Hottest Electric Vehicles in the Pipeline for the Next Decade

Amazon and Kindle Paperback and E-Book Christmas Gift
Journalist Ed Kane's latest book "Hot Electric Vehicles for the 2020's" is designed to keep you informed and up to date on the latest prototype electric vehicles being developed for launch during the 2020's.  It's news you can use to spot the electric car of your future.  And, it's a great Christmas/Hanukkah gift for anyone who loves cars.  For an Amazon sample read, go to    Be in the know about premiere electric cars now being developed.

1.Big Electric Push by Big Auto: Tesla, GM, Ford

Xmas Kid Gift: "How Dare You" by Journalist Ed Kane

Free Sample Chapter: Adventure Fiction Book for Children

Cross Country Running, Forest of Fireflies and Life Lessons for Kids For your enjoyment, here's a sample chapter of journalist/author Ed Kane's 5-star rated children's adventure fiction story "How Dare You".  It's available as an e-book, paperback and audiobook.  It's designed to provide kids and their parents with an enchanting adventure story embedded with life lessons for all of us.
Chapter One – A New Life Everyone called her Cordy ever since she could remember.Her parents and teachers used her full name Cordelia when they thought she was being naughty or wanted her attention.“Cordelia stop dressing the dog in your winter hats”, her mother would say.“He’s a boy for God’s sake!”“Master your math, Cordelia.A student who masters math masters the world,” Ms. Mapes told her.

"Really, Ms. Mapes” Cordy thought.“What about history and English.”These were studies she liked much better than math.They wer…

GM Pushing New Boundaries of Driving

Driving With No Hands & No Human Control

Computers in the Driver's Seat GM is engaged in talks with the US National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA) to secure permission to deploy a limited number of steering wheel-less, fully autonomous cars on US roads.  The cars are designed to be totally autonomous with no steering wheel and no human controls. Essentially, computers are in the driver's seat. GM believes this could make for safer driving and less accidents.  The head of the NHSA has confirmed that the Agency is doing due diligence on the GM request.
New Automated Piloting Systems The federal agency expects to make a decision on the request by early 2020.  It also will make a judgement on a petition by the driverless delivery service Nuro to deploy a limited number of low speed, delivery trucks with no humans onboard.  These highly automated piloting systems for road vehicles and also for airplanes have the potential of revolutionizing air and ground transportation.  T…