Hyundai Invests $52 Billion on EVs

Massive R&D Investment in Electric Cars, Autonomous Cars, Flying Cars
Source:  Hyundai EV

Delivering Future of Mobility by 2025
Hyundai is pouring $52 billion into the development of electrics cars, self-driving cars, flying cars, robotics for them and an "ecosystem of mobility".  The South Korean automaker says it wants to be a frontrunner in the future mobility industry.  By 2025, Hyundai wants to trade in the name "automaker" for "smart mobility solution provider".

Ecosystem of Mobility
Hyundai is the parent company of Kia and Hyundai.  The $52 billion R&D investment will go into two strategic areas.  One is more futuristic personal mobility vehicles like flying cars.  The other is accelerating traditional autos forward with electrification, self-driving systems, robotics and "last mile mobility".  By that Hyundai wants to combine products and services to deliver an "ecosystem of mobility" in the next decade.

Very Affordable EVs
Hyundai wants to sell 670,000 electric and fuel-cell vehicles yearly by 2025,  It plans on delivering very affordable EVs to attract young buyers.  And by 2025 it plans on delivering some level of self-driving performance in all of its vehicles. 


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