VW Going Electric Vehicles

2020 Offering of VW ID.3 EV

Source:  Volkswagen Concept VW ID.3

One of 15 New EVs Set to Launch in 2020
A new wave of high style, long range and attractively priced electric vehicles will start rolling out in 2020 and throughout the new decade.  Of the 15 new Electric vehicles set to launch in 2020, a top contender is the VW ID.3.

Electric Driving Future
The all-electric, VW ID.3 is a five door hatchback that will hit showrooms in early 2020.  The vehicle is much anticipated and has been cited as one of the top five entrants into the electric vehicle driving market. VW has four electric vehicle concepts that it's been developing.  Besides the VW ID.3, the ID.Vizzion, ID.Crzz and ID.Buzz are in the development pipeline.  All of these vehicles will have a 250 mile range on one charge.

2019 EVs
In 2019 there are about 50 EV models for sale in the US.  The new decade will usher in 100 new EVs during the first few years.  VW is a big part of the picture.  The automaker says it will produce 22 million EVS by 2029.  As VW puts it "We're plugged in".

VW Targets Greater Efficiencies
Meanwhile, VW's Production Chief Andreas Tostmann says VW's factories in Germany are set to boost efficiency to ramp up their competitiveness with other global auto-making operations.  He's targeting $2.2 billion in savings through greater efficiencies by 2023. 


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