New Satellite Watching Amazon

China-Brazil Earth Observation Satellite Watching Amazon Rain Forest

Source: Satellite Image of Amazon Fires

Bi-lateral Cooperation to Help the Environment
This is bilateral collaboration on a jointly developed satellite by Brazil and China, an earth observation satellite to monitor the Amazon Rain Forest. The sat was launched today and the Chinese-Brazil satellite development program relationship goes back to 1988.  The recent rainforest fires caused massive damage to the bio-diversity in the Amazon.  The hope is this highly advanced satellite system will monitor, protect and prevent such disasters.  For the Amazon, it seems like a little too late, but it's significant technology that could be very useful going forward for the Amazon and elsewhere globally.

Innovation in Bilateral Sat Cooperation
BRICS, standing for Brazil. Russia, India, China and South Africa, is the coalition of nations behind forwarding this satellite effort. It's an awesome effort pulling together a constellation of satellites with remote sensing power and data circulation among them, all to provide comprehensive real-time environmental surveillance on rainforests, land classification use, climate change and disaster prevention.

Rain Forest Satellite Launch Tech
The rain forest satellite was launched  today from the northern Chinese province of Shanxi.  It's called the CBERS-4A and it has great imaging capacity and high positioning accuracy.  It has three optical payloads: a camera developed in China that's wide-range panchromatic and multi-spectral and Brazil's multispectral camera with advanced wide filed images. It's a great example of bilateral collaboration on the environment to prevent more damage.


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