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One of the World's Largest:  $2.3 Billion EV Battery Plant for Lordstown, Ohio

Source:  GM Electric Cadillac

GM and South Korea's LG Chem Joint Venture
GM and South Korea's LG Chem are investing $2.3 billion to build an electric vehicle battery cell plant in the Lordstown area of Ohio, USA.  The plant will be one of the world's largest EV battery cell producing plants.  GM and LG Chem will break ground for the new facility in mid-2020 and the new plant will create 1100 jobs at the start of operations. The companies say this plant will be flexible enough to respond to rapid changes in EV battery technology needs.  Those needs are accelerating with demand for greater range on less charge times, advancing with electric car technology and they are very expensive.

GM CEO Mary Barra's Electric Vehicle Commitment
This is a very significant investment.  GM CEO Mary Barra believes that the future of driving is electric.  The lack of lithium-ion battery supplies, persistent production problems and the pressing need for new batteries that provide quicker charging with longer range are the major hurdles now constricting the rapid global expansion of the electric vehicle industry.  Global demands for electric vehicles are dramatically growing in response to tightening regulations on gas and diesel fuel vehicle emissions to combat climate change.

Lordstown Plant
GM CEO Barra says the plant will be equally owned by LG Chem and GM for the mass production of battery cells for EVs.  Importantly, the JV aims to drive down the costs of batteries for EV's and increase their profitability...all of which is designed to accelerate the future mass production and use of electric cars.

GM's Electric Future
The new Lordstown, Ohio plant will have the capacity of 30 gigawatt hours plus with room to expand.  Also, GM says it's producing a new line of battery electric vehicles, including a new battery electric truck to be unveiled in the fall of 2021.  For free borrows, listens and browsing of fellow reporter Ed Kane's books, that I co-authored,on travel, energy, environment and other new innovations, go to


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