World 1st HD Cam Tech for Safer Roads

World's 1st Camera System to Spot Drivers Handling Mobile Phones

Source:  Sydney Highways Stock Image

New South Wales Using Tech to Cut Road Fatalities
Australia's state of New South Wales, where Sydney is located, today rolled out new technology along the roads to cut fatalities caused by distracted drivers on mobile phones.  They're deploying high definition, AI-enabled detection cameras to spot drivers handling their mobile phones, which is illegal in New South Wales (NSW).  45 portable cameras, including fixed and mobile trailer mounted cameras, are being set-up in undisclosed locations.  Authorities believe that within two year the surveillance system will cut the number of fatalities on its roads by one-third. This HD, AI camera system tech and application are a world first.

24-7 Roadside Detection
The high tech cameras work day, night and in all types of weather to detect if a driver going by is handling a mobile phone.  The cameras use artificial intelligence to analyze images in order to spot drivers breaking the law.  In NSW, it's legal to make and receive mobile calls on a hands-free mobile phone.  It's illegal to manually use a mobile phone while driving. It's also illegal to be on social media with your mobile phone while driving. What the cameras spot is reviewed for verification by authorities.

Changing the Mobile Culture
In NSW in 2019, 329 people have lost their lives in driving fatalities on the roads.  With the new camera detection devices, authorities expect to nab 135 million vehicles with drivers breaking the mobile phone laws every year. They believe that will cut road fatalities 30% by 2021. Authorities call it a system to change the mobile phone culture.  After a first warning, offenders will great a stiff fine, penalty points and escalating consequences with repeated offenses. For a free sample or borrow of my books on travel innovations, go to


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