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World 1st HD Cam Tech for Safer Roads

World's 1st Camera System to Spot Drivers Handling Mobile Phones Source:  Sydney Highways Stock Image New South Wales Using Tech to Cut Road Fatalities Australia's state of New South Wales, where Sydney is located, today rolled out new technology along the roads to cut fatalities caused by distracted drivers on mobile phones.  They're deploying high definition, AI-enabled detection cameras to spot drivers handling their mobile phones, which is illegal in New South Wales (NSW).  45 portable cameras, including fixed and mobile trailer mounted cameras, are being set-up in undisclosed locations.  Authorities believe that within two year the surveillance system will cut the number of fatalities on its roads by one-third. This HD, AI camera system tech and application are a world first. 24-7 Roadside Detection The high tech cameras work day, night and in all types of weather to detect if a driver going by is handling a mobile phone.  The cameras use artific

Nanobot Travels inside Human Cells - Medical/Robotic Innovation

Controlled by "Magnetic Tweezers" Source:  University of Toronto's Magnetic Tweezers Controlling New Nanobot Bot 100 Times Smaller Than Width of Human Hair This medical breakthrough is from a team of roboticists at the University of Toronto.  They've developed a tiny, magnetic nanobot - a nano-bead - that can explore inside a human cell. The  nanobot is precisely controlled by what the team calls "magnetic tweezers" while inside a living human cell.  The control is 3 dimensional and the precision is unprecedented. The nanobot is 100 times smaller than the width of a human hair. Great Potential The technology has already been used to study the properties and structure of cancer cells.  It may lead to new treatment methods and diagnoses.  The magnetic control through the tweezers enables the nanobot to make much more precise movements without damaging the cells. Twenty Year Robotic Journey Members of the U Toronto team have been building robots t

Window into the Mind

Human Brain Cell Transplant Provides Incredible Detail on How Brain Operates Human Brain Cells Breakthrough Neuroscience by Imperial College London Scientists have created a window into the brain, which allows them to watch in real-time and with incredible details how human brain cells develop, connect and communicate with each other. The potential of their approach may result in better understanding of brain conditions like autism and provide eventual cures. Volunteer Donators Researchers from Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge transplanted human brain cells from volunteers into a mouse brain.  It allowed them to study the way human brain cells interact in a natural environment. Down Syndrome The team used the technique to model Down Syndrome using brain cells donated by 2 individuals with the condition.  They saw significant differences in the brain cells from those with Down Syndrome and those without it.  They noted the cells are not as active a