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By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane


                                                            Source:  University of Salford

  • Created by ancient people thousands of years ago, the purpose of the iconic stone monuments at Stonehenge is shrouded in mystery.  Perhaps until now with the use of new technologies.  Here's what you need to know:
  • UK scientists from the University of Salford have created a 3D scaled acoustic model of the fabled megalith at Stonehenge, composed of stones in a circular arrangement that are in alignment with certain nighttime celestial bodies
  • They called the model Stonehenge Lego and modeled it to duplicate its form in pre-history
  • It enabled then to mimic what a ceremony might have looked like and sounded like there thousands of years ago in the hopes of determining the purpose of the rock creation
  • They focused on acoustic possibilities
  • They added 27 missing stones
  • What they discovered is a place that created clarity and pureness of sound
  • Incredibly the sound did not penetrate outside the open structure
  • The scientists think it is likely the ancient people used Stonehenge as the perfect place for music, oratory and ceremonies - a place that included sound privacy
  • It likely served as a pre-historic "rock" music venue
  • The scientists used the latest in laser scanning, 3D printing and acoustic modeling to delve deep into pre-historic Stonehenge and determine its purpose
  • This new theory and technological exploration provide strong evidence of Stonehenge's purpose
  • But why Stonehenge seems to be perfectly aligned with certain nighttime celestial bodies is yet another mystery.


                                    Source:  XPENG

  • China's Cybertruck-like 6-wheel land vehicle combined with a flying eVTOL is launching in 2025.  Here are the key facts:
  • This combo vehicle has been given airworthiness certification by Chinese aviation officials
  • It can be pre-ordered in Q4 2024 and it will be delivered to buyers next year in Q4 2025
  • Innovator/developer is XPENG Aeroht
  • It's a 6-wheel land aircraft carrier (LAC) and eVTOL
  • Called X3-F
  • Launcher automatically combines and separates from flying car
  • Flying car is all-electric, fold out, multi-rotor and takes-off and lands vertically
  • Flying car seats 2 and flies manually or autonomously
  • 6-wheel truck has electric powertrain that can also charge eVTOL
  • Truck can carry 4 or 5 people
  • Has all the appearances of a breakthrough vehicle and it's coming to market for buyer deliveries now within months.

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