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By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane


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  • Turns out arithmetic calculations are not unique to humans. Incredibly, rats understand numbers too and seem to be able to evaluate them, according to new scientific research. Here's what we know:
  • A South Korean research team found that a rat's brain has a specific area to process numbers
  • In their scientific experiment:
  1. Researchers used rodents who had no previous counting experience
  2. They trained the rodents to recognize sound stimuli that represented 2 or 3 numbers
  3. The researchers devised an algorithm to help the rodents focus on numerical values
  4. The result:  the small mammals were able to perceive and quantify numbers
  • Wing-Ho Yung, the study's co-author, says the study encourages a reconsideration of the cognitive capabilities of animals
  • Some monkeys, birds and fish are known to have a sense of numbers and are quite capable of addition and subtraction.


                                Source:  Boston Dynamics

  • A number of global companies, including BMW, Amazon and Hyundai are developing humanoid robots to perform heavy duty tasks in their warehouses.  A new example is Boston Dynamics' new robot called Atlas.  Here are some key facts:
  • Atlas is a highly agile and large humanoid robot designed to lift objects in warehouses that are too big for humans to lift and carry
  • It's the replacement for Boston Dynamics famed HD Atlas who loved to dance and is now officially retired
  • Unlike the original, this Atlas can be purchased
  • The robot is a breakthrough - it's all-electric not hydraulic
  • Its flexibility is unprecedented including lifting itself from a collapsed position on the ground, doing 360-degree rotation of its torso and its knees can swivel backwards
  • Boston Dynamics will start testing it in Hyundai factories next year and it will officially launch after that
  • Boston Dynamics is now owned by Hyundai
  • The new Atlas is considered the future of Boston Dynamics humanoid robots.

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