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  • A recent scientific study of cearthenware vessels used in wine fermentation challenges age-old negative views and makes a case that ancient wines may have rivalled fine wines of today.  Here's what we know:
  • Previous misconceptions about the poor quality of ancient Roman wines developed from the lack of insight into fermentation in clay jars
  • It's been scientifically found that the Roman winemaking procedure and current processes produce comparable aromas and tastes
  • One big difference:  metal and concrete containers are used in modern winemaking; clay jars were used by the Romans, which unlike modern vessels, would expose Roman wine to air during fermentation
  • Another difference:  no anti-insect or preservative chemicals on the grapes
  • The new study concludes that ancient Roman wine may have been equal to or better than current fine wines
  • Maybe Caesar said:  "Veni, vidi, vici" when he came across a batch of clay jars of wine.


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  • The FAA is indicating that it expects to fully approve some flying taxi companies to operate passenger service in 2025.  Joby Aviation is one of the startup companies that expects to be cleared for takeoff in the US.  Here are some key facts:
  • Investors are closely watching for the 1st eVTOL startup in the US to get full approval from the FAA to fly passengers
  • Now the FAA is indicating the likelihood of that happening in 2025
  • Joby Aviation is a leading contender in the race to be first
  • It's backed by close to $1/2 billion in investment money from Toyota and Delta
  • It says it's ready to fly
  • Its eVTOL is all-electric with 6 rotors backed by 12 motors and 4 battery packs - redundancy to help backup safety
  • Carries a pilot and 4 passengers
  • Speeds up to 200 mph
  • Range of 100 miles on a charge
  • Recharges in about 10 minutes
  • Archer Aviation and Germany's Lilium are also leading contenders for FAA approval
  • These air taxis offer the promise of a 7-minute flight from downtown Manhattan to JFK Airport at the cost of an Uber ride and similar commuting times in other major cities
  • Air taxis are forecast to be at least a $16 billion market in 2028, when networks of air taxis are expected to be operational.

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