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Amazon's $10B SAT Broadband Internet Network

Global Broadband Internet Access

Source:  NASA Satellite Constellations
Amazon Competing Against Space XAmazon is investing $10 billion to build a network of 3,236 satellites to provide high speed, broadband internet services to people around the world, including those who lack access.  The announcement comes within a day of Amazon posting the biggest profits in its 26 year history.
FCC Approval for the Satellite SystemThe Federal Communications Commission just gave Amazon approval for its Project Kuiper for a constellation of low earth orbit satellites.  The Amazon satellite network is in direct competition with SpaceX's Starlink.  SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has already launched more than 500 satellites into low earth orbit to provide inexpensive global internet access.  He plans for a system of 12,000 satellites.  Starlink will start offering broadband services to the US and Canada by the end of this year.
Crowded SkiesAmazon says its system will also benefit wireless carriers offering 5G…

Free Amazon - How to Travel in Future

Limited Opportunity to Order for Free
Amazon is offering a great, free, limited time promo deal on one of journalist Edward Kane's future of travel vehicle books "How to Travel in the Future - Vol. 2" on the latest cars, planes, trains, and highly innovative new vehicles to travel on during the 2020's and beyond.  Here's the link to order for free 
This book demonstrates the easy, news summary approach Ed take as a journalist on some of the greatest innovations of our times including in new modes of travel for all of us.  It's what you need to know. I co-authored the book with Ed.

Europe's Green Hydrogen Energy Future

"European Hydrogen Backbone"

Green Hydrogen PipelineA hydrogen pipeline stretching across the European Union, from Sweden, down to the south of Spain and to Sicily could radically transform Europe's energy system.  That is the vision of European gas infrastructure companies who just presented their concept of a "European Hydrogen Backbone" powering Europe.  Their plan details transporting the new fuel across Europe via existing gas pipelines with minor modifications.  They say this will provide a reliable means of transport.
Existing Pipeline FootprintThe existing pipeline network system would connect industrial centers that are capable of generating and utilizing hydrogen.  It would also connect solar power plants and offshore wind farms into the pipeline network.  The 11 transmission system operating companies say the hydrogen pipeline network could be totally completed by 2040 with major population centers brought online by 2035.  They estimate the cost at $28…

Space: The Unknown Regions by Ed Kane

Paperback and E-Book Available on Amazon & Kindle
Top Discoveries, Searches for Life in the 2020's & Important Space MissionsJournalist Edward Kane's latest book "Space:  The Unknown Regions" is now available as a paperback and e-book on Amazon and Kindle. The book contains the top discoveries, searches for new forms of life and important space missions during the 2020's.  For a free preview, click here 
Bundled BooksThe new book is the bundled collection of three of Ed's very recent books on space:  "Search for Life in Space", "Space Mysteries and Wonders 2020's" and "Space 2020's:  What's Up There?".  The new bundled book is deeply discounted and priced at 50% of the cost of buying the 3 space books separately.  I co-authored the books with Ed.


Launch of  Perseverance Rover on July 30, 2020
Nuclear Powered Robotic RoverNASA is going back to Mars on Thursday, July 30, 2020.  The Mars 2020 Perseverance Mission includes the rover Perseverance, a $2.7 billion piece of highly advanced robotic technology.  The rover, along with a small helicopter and instruments that it's carrying, will launch aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral, FL.
7 Months Long Journey to MarsThe trip to the Red Planet will take 7 months.  And then the rover will make a dramatic sky-crane landing onto Mars' Jezero Crater on February 18, 2021. For two years, the nuclear powered Perseverance will explore Jezero.  The crater is 28 miles wide and in the ancient past it contained a lake and river delta.  The rover will search for signs of ancient life, scoop up surface samples and study the crater's geology.  In a joint NASA-European Space Agency (ESA) project, the samples will be returned to Earth by 2031.  NASA says this wi…

"Space: The Unknown Regions" by journalist Edward Kane

Latest Discoveries, Missions & Searches for Life

Just Published on KindleI'm pleased to announce that journalist Edward Kane's latest book "Space: The Unknown Regions" has just been published as an e-book on Kindle/Amazon.  The book is a combination of 3 of his latest books on space:  "Search for Life in Space", "Space Mysteries and Wonders 2020's" and "Space 2020's:  What's Up There?".  It includes perspectives on new forms of life existing in space from great thinkers like Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Stephen Hawking, among others. 
Bundled SeriesThe bundled book is deeply discounted by 65% off the cost of the three books if bought individually.  If you want to be aware of the latest space discoveries, missions and searches for life in space, this is the book for you.  For a free preview, go to…


Targets Selling 1 Million EV's a Year by 2025

Adding Big EV Production LinesHyundai, the big automotive champion of hydrogen powered vehicles, has just decided to also aggressively go electric.  It's rapidly expanding its electric capacity to support selling $1 million electric vehicles  a year by 2025 and also grabbing a global EV market share over 10%.
Hyundai's EV OffensiveHyundai has plans to introduce two production lines dedicated to electric vehicles.  One will go on line next year and another in 2024, according to an internal union newsletter obtained by Reuters.  Hyundai is also engaged in discussions with Samsung to secure batteries and other electronic components for the EV's.  EV car batteries are in short supply.  Samsung is a major battery supplier to Tesla and GM.
EV Races Heating UpHyundai, which owns Kia, is the world's 5th largest automaker.  It sold 86,434 battery EV's last year.  That's more than VW at 73,278 but far behind Tesla at 357,500…


Fully Electric 5-Series
Big Green Lineup of VehiclesBMW announced today that it will offer a fully electric 5-series.  This is part of a major product overhaul to offer green, emissions free vehicles.  BMW wants to lower emissions both during the production of its vehicles and also when they are on global highways.  It is even tying executive compensation to its climate goals.
BMW's 10 Year PlanBy 2030, BMW targets having 7 million plus electrified BMW brand electrified vehicles on the road, 2/3rds of which are fully electric.  Their goals coincide with new European regulations that require carbon dioxide vehicle emissions be cut by 37.5% by 2030 as compared to 2021 vehicles.
BMW's E-RolloutIn 2021, BMW will have five, fully electric vehicles for sale, including the BMWi3, Mini Cooper SE, BMW iX3, BMW NEXT and BMWi4.  By 2023, BMW will offer 25 electrified vehicles, including half that will be fully electric.  BMW CEO Oliver Zipse did not offer a launch date on the fully electric…

"Inventions, Innovations, Breakthroughs 2020's" by Edward Kane

Bundled Paperback Series Just Published on Amazon

Future Travel Vehicles, Smart Devices and Top Robots for the 2020'sI'm pleased to announce journalist Edward Kane's latest book "Inventions, Innovations, Breakthroughs 2020's" has just been published as a paperback on Amazon/Kindle.  For a free preview,  go to

Innovation Guide BookThe book is a guide to the best new innovations in three primary industries:  future travel vehicles, smart devices and robots.  Ed has converted three very recent, highly ranked books into one paperback at a deeply discounted price.  If you're interested in fascinating innovations, you'll love this book.  I co-authored the book with Ed.

Partners NBA & Microsoft Virtual Fans

NBA Games With Virtual Fans in Virtual Stands

Tech to the Rescue of Pro Sports During COVID
What a great idea from a partnership between Microsoft and the NBA! On July 30th, when the NBA restarts its COVID-19 stopped season in the "bubble" in Orland, FL, there will be 300 fans.  The fans will be "virtual fans", not physically in the arena.  They will be there virtually on virtual stands by using Microsoft Teams app and visible on giant screens. The fan video and audio will be part of the NBA basketball games' broadcast.  This is an innovative step of bringing fans - virtually - back into the games to provide a more normal ambiance to the pro NBA games.

Virtual Fans on Virtual Stands on Giant Screens
Microsoft and the NBA are equipping each game court with 17 foot tall screens that wrap around three sides of the venue.  The fans will be sitting beside each other.  That normal audience look will be accomplished by each fan using the Teams App to log in and then using…


Another $472 Million in Funds from US Government

Potentially Quick Vaccine Development and Delivery
Cambridge, MA based Moderna just announced it has received an additional $472 million in funding from the US government's Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).  That brings the total from BARDA to support the development of Moderna's novel COVID vaccine to $955 million.

Moderna is the first pharma company in the US to begin human trials on a COVID vaccine.  Tomorrow, July 27th, a Phase 3 study  involving 30,000 participants will get underway with Moderna collaborating with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.  Moderna's vaccine candidate uses synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA) to help the body immunize against the virus.

Potential Quick Delivery
Moderna says it can deliver 500,000 doses of the vaccine per year and possibly 1 billion doses per year starting in 2021.  Experts say their approach can be developed and manufactured more q…

Ford F150 2021 Smart Tech

Intersection Assist Collision Avoidance

Answer to Motorcycle Drivers Prayers
Ford's F150 pickup truck is the biggest vehicle seller in the US.  The latest model, the Ford F150 2021 includes some uniquely smart technology.  The key example - a driver-assist feature/option called the Intersection Assist.

Collision Avoidance
Ford says the Intersection Assist can sense an oncoming vehicle and will apply the breaks and stop the vehicle even if the driver is intent on moving into the intersection.  This technology is way beyond traditional driver's assistance like keeping the vehicle within its lane.  Experts believe it should prevent accidents and save many lives.

Motorcycle Drivers' Intersection Fears
This new, innovative safety feature is of particular interest to the motorcycle driving community.
There have been many accidents and deaths involving motorcycle drivers, caused by vehicles turning left across lanes in intersections.  It happens so often that studies have been done on t…

Amazon Free Promo on 2 Edward Kane Books

Free Copies Can Be Ordered Until Noon PST

Highly Ranked Books on the Latest Top Innovations
Amazon's free promo on 2 of journalist Edward Kane's books is expiring on July 25 at Noon PST.  The free promo on "List of Top New Gadgets" and "List of Top New Medical Innovations" is designed make readers aware of the news brief approach Ed takes as a journalist on the latest new innovations. 

If you would like a free copy, you can access "List of Top New Gadgets"  here  (ranked #8 in Curiosities and Wonders)

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VW-Amazon Partnership: Industrial Cloud for B2B

Digitizing Factory Processes
Volkswagen is greatly expanding its cloud based software and data portal system.  The world's 3rd largest automaker has a vision and goal to build it into an industrial cloud.  The cloud would serve as an industry wide marketplace where business customers could buy and sell industrial applications. VW envisions it as an Amazon built B2B marketplace. VW and Amazon Web Services are designing and partnering on the Industrial Cloud factories of the future concept.

App Store Approach
The plans for the industrial cloud are bold, innovative and ambitious.  For VW itself,  it will eventually link VW's 120 factories around the world, their 1500 suppliers and their 30,000 plants. VW wants it to be a place to exchange data and software. The purpose is to accelerate the digitizing of factory processes right down to painting vehicles.  One of the VW suppliers already engaged in the effort is Siemens.  The partners wil…


Apple's Total Sustainability by 2030

Every Apple Product Will be Carbon Free by 2030
Apple has made a global commitment to be carbon neutral by 2030 for all corporate operations, products, product manufacturing and its entire supply chain.  The commitment is globally important as a corporate standard for a greener environment.  Apple says every product, how it is manufactured and the energy used to produce it will be totally carbon neutral.  Supply chain operations for Apple products will be totally carbon neutral.  Apple commits to have a carbon free footprint globally by 2030.

Key Components
Apple has a comprehensive plan to deliver on its carbon-free commitment:

Products:  Apple will build its electronic products with low carbon and recyclable materialsDave the Robot:  Dave is a big piece of the equation.  Dave will disassemble, remove and recover plastic components from discarded iPhones, Macs, iPads and other Apple products to recycle them.Supply Chain Clean Energy:  Apple supplie…

Inventions, Innovations, Breakthroughs 2020's by Edward Kane

Bundled Series Just Published on Amazon

Future Travel Vehicles, Smart Devices and Top Robots for the 2020's
I'm pleased to announce journalist Edward Kane's latest book "Inventions, Innovations, Breakthroughs 2020's" has just been published as an e-book on Amazon/Kindle.  I co-authored the book with Ed.

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Bundled Series
This is a bundled series containing three very recent books: Future Travel Vehicles, Smart Devices for the 2020's and Top Robots for the 2020's that's priced at $9.99  That is 3 books on the top new global innovations for the price of 2 books.  This bundled series will keep you aware of the latest in travel, smart device and robotic innovations.

Free Preview
For a free preview and look inside, go to

Humans in North America 30,000 yrs ago - Who Knew?

Archaeology Find: Humans in N.A 17K Yrs Before Believed

Big Archaeology Find
An incredibly fascinating archaeology discovery.  In a cave in Mexico, archaeologists have found human made stone tools dating back at least 30,000 years.  The scientists found the tools in the massive Chiquihuite Cave in northwestern Mexico.  Two, separate, new archaeological studies date humans living on the North American continent at least 30,000 years ago.  The lead researcher and director of the excavation in the Chiquihuite Cave is Ciprian Ardelean, an archaeologist at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas.  

Last Glacial Maximum
The discovery means humans were here before the Last Glacial Maximum when ice covered most of the northern US and Canada.  The findings prove that humans were in North America much earlier than previously thought.  In fact, at least 17,000 years earlier than believed.

Several New Archaeology Discoveries and Studies
One new study has dated human-made stone tools in North America at …

Amazon Free Promo 2 Innovation Books by Ed Kane

List of Top New Gadgets by Edward Kane

List of Top Medical Innovations

On July 21, 2020 through July 25, 2020 Noon PST, Amazon is running a free promotion on journalist Edward Kane's books "List of Top New Gadgets"

and "List of Top New Medical Innovations" at

This is a great opportunity to become familiar with the unique, news brief approach Ed takes on top new innovations that will be impacting your life.   You can order the books for free until 7/25.  I co-authored the books with Ed.


Biski from the UK

Ultimate Fun Amphibious Vehicle
Biski is a unique, new, designed for fun vehicle.  It's a motorcycle that turns into a jet ski within 5 seconds of driving into the water.  When it hits the water, the chassis floats and two wheels retract at the touch of a button.  Unbelievably, it can reach speeds of 87 mph on the road and 37 mph in the water.  2 water jets propel the vehicle in the water. They emerge when the tires retract.

Bike-Jet Ski
The bike is the creation of Gibbs Sports Amphibians of the United Kingdom.  It looks like a gadget worthy of a James Bond 007 movie. The bike-jet ski weighs 500 pounds, has a 55 horsepower twin cylinder gas engine and has lights designed for road and water travel.  Biski is a prototype.  Gibbs wants to sell the intellectual property rights to a manufacturer to start producing the bike for sales to the public.


Closing in on COVID Vaccines

EU Historic Stimulus Package
Researchers at Oxford University in the UK, along with AstraZeneca, have developed a COVID vaccine that is proving to be successful at building immunity against COVID.  Human trials on more than 1000 patients have proven the vaccine effective.  The vaccine has moved into combined Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials - the last stop to prove it works.  AstraZeneca has a $1.2 billion deal with the US to deliver 300 million doses this fall, if the vaccine is approved.

Two More Vaccines
Meanwhile, at Moderna Pharma in Cambridge, MA, an experimental mRNA vaccine is in human trials and it is proving to be effective. It has produced antibodies in all the patients involved in the trials And, in China biotech Cansino's vaccine is showing positive antibody responses in a Phase 2 trial.  It is entering Phase 3 trials despite the fact it is not as effective on people over 55 years old.  A safe and effective vaccine cannot come too soon. 14 million p…


First Arab Mission to Mars

Spectacular Launch and Congratulations from NASA

A Japanese H-2A rocket launched the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Hope Mission to Mars this morning.  Within an hour of the flight, the rocket's upper stage released the Hope Mission satellite.  Hope is using its solar panels to power its systems, including its communications system. Hope notified controllers at the Space Center in Dubai of the successful separation.  The Dubai Center is overseeing the orbiter's 306,957,369 mile journey at 75,185 miles per hour speeds to Mars.

First Arab Interplanetary Mission
This is the first Arab interplanetary mission.  The Hope mission is designed to demonstrate the UAE's scientific, technological and space capabilities.  Hope is a 2,976 pound satellite designed and developed at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) in the UAE.  It will arrive at Mars in February 2021 and move into orbit to maximize scientific observations with altitudes from 12,427 to 26,718 …


Red Planet Gets a Visitor from the United Arab Emirates

1st Arab Interplanetary Mission
The United Arab Emirates is set to launch its Hope Mission to Mars tomorrow morning, July 20.  This is the first Arab interplanetary mission.  It's designed to demonstrate the UAE's diversified scientific and technology capabilities beyond its global oil production capabilities.  And, it is expected to contribute a great deal to scientific knowledge of the Red Planet.

Japan Launch Site
The Hope Probe will launch from Japan's Tanegashima Space Center for a 7 month exploratory mission to observe Mars.  The journey is designed to provide valuable new science about Mars.  The Hope satellite will orbit the planet, map it and send back data about it atmosphere, showing both daily and seasonal atmospheric conditions.

Green Solar Space Vehicle 
An hour after the launch, Hope will start using solar panels to power its systems, including its communications systems.  The Space Center in Dubai will overs…


News on the Latest Space Discoveries & Missions of 2020's

Live on Amazon and Kindle
Amazon and Kindle have just published journalist Edward Kane's latest book "Space Mysteries and Wonders 2020's".

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If you're interested in space, Ed's book contains the latest news on fascinating space discoveries and top space missions of the 2020's.  I co-authored the book with Ed and it takes you on fascinating explorations and discoveries.

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Crew Dragon & US Astronauts to Return from ISS

Crew Dragon & US Astronauts Splash Down August 2 

From ISS and Back to Earth
For NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Robert Behnken, it's been historic days on the International Space Station since May 30, 2020, after they launched in the SpaceX Crew Dragon spaceship aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and boarded the ISS.  They have made history for the US.  They are the first US astronauts to be launched from US soil in a decade. For SpaceX it was their first human flight into space. And for humanity, we had the opportunity to witness the 2 astronauts' bravery, leadership and scientific accomplishments, including their incredible space views of comets from the ISS.  Now, it is time for the two astronauts to make history again.

NASA Schedule
NASA has decided the two US astronauts will start the journey back to Earth on August 2, after 64 days onboard the ISS.  The departure plan is the equivalent of technological daring-do with a lot of expert testing to fail-safe the descent done by…


Google Developing Holographic Glasses

Smart Tattoos in the Pipeline
Search engine giant Google is developing the next generation of wearable technologies.  Examples of what they're working on include simple pairs of sunglasses that project holographic images, inter-meshing the digital and physical worlds.  And Google is developing temporary tattoos that when placed on the skin transform into working touchpads.  Google is developing and funding these fascinating technological innovations through its Interaction Lab.  The lab is part of Google Research, which is focused on technological breakthroughs.

Smart Tattoos
Google's smart temporary tattoos are loaded with sensors that react to touch and function as a touchpad on your skin to connect with your devices.  Google is developing them with Saarland University in Germany.  By developing an R&D pipeline of wearables, Google is on to something big.  Experts at IDC forecast that wearables are the next big thing after smartphones.  …

TOP INVENTIONS FOR THE 2020's by Edward Kane

Amazon Series Page

Free Access
Amazon has just created a Series Page for quick access to journalist Edward Kane's latest book "New Inventions for the 2020's".

The 3 book bundle on Future Travel Vehicle, Smart Devices and Top Robots can be bought for the price of 2 books on Kindle.  To take a free look, go to


International Scientists Confirm 13.8 Billion Years Old

Major Space Benchmark
An international team of astrophysicists has just published new research concluding that the universe is about 13.8 billion years old.  They calculated the universe's age by measuring its oldest light.  In recent years, other scientific measurements have suggested that it could be hundreds of millions of years younger.  The light measured by the international team of scientists is the afterglow from the Big Bang.

Cosmic Microwave Background
The light is called cosmic microwave background.  The light goes back 380,000 years after the birth of the universe when atoms started to form from proteins and electrons.  The picture (above/bottom) is called by the scientists a "baby photo" of the universe and of its oldest light.  According to Stony Brook University astrophysicists who co-authored the report, the photo helps scientists to better understand the origins of the universe, how we got to where we a…

Neowise - Sensational 2020 Comet

Spectacular Summer Celestial Event 2020

Awesome Comet
Neowise has proved to be a spectacular summer light show for the planet Earth.  Its brilliant displays of light at dawn and dusk have delighted stargazers in Northern and Southern skies.  This brilliant display of light won't be visible to Earth, according to experts, for another 6,800 years.  It is the Comet Sensation of the centuries. It will start to fade away from view by August 2020 for us here on Earth.  So, there are a few weeks left to take in a spectacular view. 

NASA's Perspective
NASA says the last icy space wandering comet to put on such a light show was Hale-Bopp, back in 1997.  Neowise has been so bright that it has provided astronomers with much more and greatly improved data than most comets generally do.  Through global, giant telescopes, astronomers are pulling in key details about Neowise's composition and structure.  The comet is just a spectacular visitor from space and is 3 miles wide. Apparently, it h…


New Hydrofoil Technology From America's Cup Racing

Innovation from Germany & Swedish Startup in Belfast
A Belfast startup is deploying hydrofoil technology to create faster and greener water travel technology.  The technology being used was developed for America's Cup racing yachts.  The Swedish co-founder of the oil trading group Gunvor - Torbjorn Tornqvist - and  2-time Olympic Gold Medalist Iain Percy are behind the effort.  They believe their hydrofoil technology can revolutionize the boating industry.  Mr. Tornqvist's Artemis Racing produced one of the world's fastest boats for the 2017 America's Cup using hydrofoils that lifted the yacht above the water to "fly" at high speeds.  Mr. Percy led the America's Cup yacht team for Artemis.  They are now applying their sailing technology expertise to water transportation.

Triple Hull Hydrofoils for Fast Freight Transit
Meanwhile in Germany, the Tandem-Wing company has built a triple hull hydrofoil vess…


New Tech Cuts BBQ Pollution 90%

German Innovation
German scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP) have invented a technology that cuts toxic carbon fumes from barbecues by 90%.  The IBP team studied and analyzed the toxic pollutants emitted by charcoal grills, pizza ovens and bread ovens and innovated a new system to greatly reduce it.  Their research was commissioned by the German Environment Agency.  By some estimates, the pollution emitted from a barbecue for a family of four is the equivalent of driving a car for 90 miles.

BBQ Pollution
The IBP scientists demonstrated that the BBQ grill produces nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, benzene and hydrocarbons - many of which are harmful to human health.  They found that the pollution is produced by incomplete combustion of
fats combining with the type of fuel used.  The higher the fatty content of the meat, the higher the amount of pollution. 

New Prototype Technology
The IBP scientists' solution …


Surprising Enterprise to Meet Global Vaccine Need

TESLA & CureVac of Germany - Could It Be a Gamechanger?
Tesla, the world's top electric vehicle manufacturer, is working with a German biotech CureVac to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.  CEO Elon Musk says, as a side project, he's building RNA microfactories for CureVac and possibly for other vaccine research groups.  On Twitter, Musk has said synthetic RNA has "amazing potential" as an approach to immunizing patients against COVID-19.

CureVac Credentials
CureVac is one of only 18 drug companies around the world with COVID-19 vaccine candidates in clinical testing.  The company is working with so-called messenger mRNA, which deliver instructions from DNA to the body's protein makers - ribosomes.  CureVac's approach is to customize mRNA to command ribosomes to make proteins that fight specific diseases like COVID or create antibodies to fight them.  Several other drug companies including Moderna and Pfizer are taki…


'Future of Transportation 2020's & Beyond"  by Edward Kane

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Amazon/Kindle has a special promotion going on journalist Edward Kane's very recent book: "Future of Transportation 2020's and Beyond", which ranks #4 in Amazon's Transportation books section.  It can be ordered for free through July 16, 2020.  As you can see in the enclosure below, it gets 4, "thumbs up" from the Administrators of MeWe's Technology Rocks group.  To access a free copy, go to  I co-authored the book with Ed.
"Future of Transportation 2020's & Beyond" Free Copies
Free book on Future of Transportation 2020's & Beyond" on Amazon. Electric planes, e-cars, hyperloops, eVTOLs, super…