Closing in on COVID Vaccines

Source:  COVID Vaccine R&D

EU Historic Stimulus Package
Researchers at Oxford University in the UK, along with AstraZeneca, have developed a COVID vaccine that is proving to be successful at building immunity against COVID.  Human trials on more than 1000 patients have proven the vaccine effective.  The vaccine has moved into combined Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials - the last stop to prove it works.  AstraZeneca has a $1.2 billion deal with the US to deliver 300 million doses this fall, if the vaccine is approved.

Two More Vaccines
Meanwhile, at Moderna Pharma in Cambridge, MA, an experimental mRNA vaccine is in human trials and it is proving to be effective. It has produced antibodies in all the patients involved in the trials And, in China biotech Cansino's vaccine is showing positive antibody responses in a Phase 2 trial.  It is entering Phase 3 trials despite the fact it is not as effective on people over 55 years old.  A safe and effective vaccine cannot come too soon. 14 million people around the world have contracted COVID-19.

EU's Historic Stimulus Package
And, the European Union has reached an historic stimulus package deal.  The European Commission will raise billions of euros in capital markets on behalf of all 27 member nations.  It's an unprecedented act of solidarity in the history of the EU.  Leaders hope that the $857 billion (750 billion Euro) Recovery Fund and the $1.1 Trillion Euro budget will repair the damage done by the recession in Europe caused by economies shut down by COVID.


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