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Renewable Energy & Utility Support

Oxford Study: Majority of Global Utilities Not Strongly Supporting Renewable Energy Source:  Renewable Energy Stock Image Power Companies and the Fight Against Climate Change A new study by scientists at Oxford University in the UK suggests that power companies are very slow to support and utilize green, renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.  In fact, of the 3,000 power utility companies around the world that the Oxford researchers studied, only 10% of the energy suppliers have prioritized renewables over fossil fuels.  Many continue to invest in fossil fuels. The study concludes that utilities' slowness to embrace renewable energy sources is undermining the fight against Climate Change. Europe Coming on Green Europe   is way ahead of the curve in using renewables.  For instance, 40% of the United Kingdom's electricity is coming from wind and solar.  But globally, many of the new wind and solar instillations are being built by independent producers not by utilitie


Closing in on COVID Vaccines Source:  COVID Vaccine R&D EU Historic Stimulus Package Researchers at Oxford University in the UK, along with AstraZeneca, have developed a COVID vaccine that is proving to be successful at building immunity against COVID.  Human trials on more than 1000 patients have proven the vaccine effective.  The vaccine has moved into combined Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials - the last stop to prove it works.  AstraZeneca has a $1.2 billion deal with the US to deliver 300 million doses this fall, if the vaccine is approved. Two More Vaccines Meanwhile, at Moderna Pharma in Cambridge, MA, an experimental mRNA vaccine is in human trials and it is proving to be effective. It has produced antibodies in all the patients involved in the trials And, in China biotech Cansino's vaccine is showing positive antibody responses in a Phase 2 trial.  It is entering Phase 3 trials despite the fact it is not as effective on people over 55 years old.  A safe and ef

Good News in War Against COVID-19

Promising Oxford University Vaccine Source:  Gilead Sciences Successful Gilead Sciences Treatment In the war against COVID-19, some good news.  Gilead Sciences' remdesivir has shown improvement in patients taking it to treat the virus. That, according to Gilead's own study.  On top of that, testing by the National Institution of Allergy and Infectious Disease also gave the drug "positive data" results in their own testing.  This news raised hopes on Wall Street that a treatment/cure is near and that the economy may be able to open safely again.  At the start of trading, the DJIA shot up 400 points and Gilead shares were up 9.3%. Promising Vaccine Meanwhile, researchers at Oxford University in the UK say they could  have a COVID-19 vaccine ready for humans by the 4th quarter of this year. Their experimental vaccine has proven effective in protecting monkeys from the virus.  Monkeys given the vaccin

Robot Eye Surgeon

Robots Restoring Human Eyesight   Robotic Eye Surgery - Oxford University Hospital My Surgeon is a Robot British surgeons have overseen a world first.  The world's first robotic operation inside the eye.  It occurred at Oxford University Hospital.  Professor Mac Laren, who directed the robotic surgery with a joy stick, hailed it as a vision of the future of eye surgery. 20-20 Vision Twelve patients were involved with the robotic surgery trial.  In the first part of the surgical trial, the robot was used to push membrane off the retina without damaging it.  The second phase of the trial will be how the robot can place a needle under the retina and inject fluid.  This could lead to gene therapy as a treatment for blindness. Robotic-Human Partnerships for Cures One patient Father William Beaver, a local priest in Oxford, had been experiencing distorted vision, which he described as looking through a hall of mirrors.  Following the procedure, he said his eyesight has return