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Oxford Study: Majority of Global Utilities Not Strongly Supporting Renewable Energy

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Power Companies and the Fight Against Climate Change

A new study by scientists at Oxford University in the UK suggests that power companies are very slow to support and utilize green, renewable energy sources like wind and solar power.  In fact, of the 3,000 power utility companies around the world that the Oxford researchers studied, only 10% of the energy suppliers have prioritized renewables over fossil fuels.  Many continue to invest in fossil fuels. The study concludes that utilities' slowness to embrace renewable energy sources is undermining the fight against Climate Change.

Europe Coming on Green

Europe is way ahead of the curve in using renewables.  For instance, 40% of the United Kingdom's electricity is coming from wind and solar.  But globally, many of the new wind and solar instillations are being built by independent producers not by utilities.

Comprehensive 20 Year Study and Analysis

The Oxford University study used machine learning techniques to analyze 3,000 utilities' activities over the past 20 years.  According to the study, most utilities are sitting on the fence about renewables.  Globally, only 1 in ten have expanded their renewable based power generation more quickly than their oil and coal generated power, which is and has been a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions globally.  The Oxford study raises troubling concerns about the commitment to renewable energy sources by the majority of power companies around the world.  


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