Sweden's New E-Truck Volta Zero

 Zero Emission, Electric Trucks

Source: Sweden's VOLTA ZERO Electric Truck with zero emissions 

Next Growth Industry for Electric Road Travel

Swedish startup Volta Trucks has unveiled its 16 ton electric truck, the Volta Zero.  The company says it will start manufacturing it in the United Kingdom in 2022.  With the tremendous success of electric cars led by Tesla, automakers now are also turning their attention to electrifying big rigs, which are the worst polluters on the road.  A number of companies including Volvo, Daimler, Rivian and Nikola have electric, big trucks under development.

Greener Highways

Volta's goal is to have 500 of its zero-emissions, electric trucks on the road by 2022.  And it is about to enter the customer testing phase.  The British parcel delivery company DPDgroup and other companies in Europe will be testing the vehicles on their routes in 2021.  Meanwhile, Volta is in a capital raising phase to bulk up for mass production of its vehicles.  This time period of ramping up for electric, zero emissions truck travel is very important in the fight against Climate Change, because big trucks pollute with big greenhouse gas emissions.  It's another important drive toward the future of greener highways.


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