BMW & New Tactile Tech for Safety

 BMW Using Israel's Tactile Mobility Software

                                    Source:  Tactile Mobility

Making Smart Vehicles, Smarter

Starting in 2021, Israel's Tactile Mobility's unique software will be embedded into BMW Group's BMWG.DE next generation vehicles.  The software enables the vehicle to analyze the road surface conditions under the tires to make smarter decisions.  The software uses the vehicles non-visual sensors, such as wheel speed and angle, gear position and RPM to help smart and autonomous vehicles "feel" the road, road dynamics and road conditions. The software detects control, pressure, traction and more.

Tactile Mobility

Tactile Mobility is a hot startup that last October secured $9 million in funding including from Porsche.  Now, it has a deal with BMW to make BMW vehicles even smarter. Their software provides "an extra sense of touch" between the tires, the road and road conditions through tactile sensing technology. The company says its software enhances safety by its in-vehicle tactile sensing and by updated and crowd sourced road condition maps.  This is the use of tactile data for safer driving.  The company has offices in Israel, Germany and the US.


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