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 Incredible Scientific Finding: Gas That Signals Life on Venus

Source:  NASA - Venus

Search for Life in Space 

Space scientists have just discovered a huge surprise in their search for other forms of life in space.  Unexpected phosphine gas has been detected in the clouds 33 to 39 miles above Venus.  The gas suggests to top global scientists that some form of alien life, perhaps at the tiny microbial level, may exist there.  The finding is astounding and there is no conclusive decision about what it might be yet. Venus because of its incredibly harsh, hot and punishing environment, has not been a target by NASA and other space scientists' search for life in space.  But, space scientists say the phosphine gas finding may be the most important finding yet for the presence of other forms of life in space.

Space Biosignature

The findings are from an international team of scientists lead by University of Cambridge and Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. They call it a legitimate candidate biosignature that could indicate the presence of life outside of the Earth and on our nearest neighboring planet Venus. It will take more massive telescopic observations and perhaps space missions to determine what the clouds above Venus possibly contain.  It is known that very ancient Venus had conditions similar to that of the Earth.

Source:  NASA - Ancient Venus 

Discovery Process

The phosphine gas was identified by the scientists analyzing images of Venus taken by extremely high powered telescopes in Hawaii and Chile in late 2019.  What's fascinating is that Venus, which is the closest planet to Earth, is known to have a brutally inhospitable environment with scorching temperatures and crushing pressure.  The area where the gas was found in cloud cover 33 to 39 miles above Venus is one of the most hospitable regions of our solar system with temperatures and pressures very similar to Earth.


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