Elon Musk Revolutionizing EV Design & Production

 Tesla's New Gigafactory in Germany

Source:  Tesla Factory 

Sustainable Energy 

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk is promising that his new gigafactory in Brandenburg, Germany will revolutionize how electric vehicles are built.  He is replacing hundreds of robots with huge, aluminum casting machines to build simpler chassis and parts. From Musk's perspective, the robots are not up to the task that he wants to accomplish. Musk is repositioning production to components glued and rivetted into the car's rear underbelly with a single module from the aluminum gigapress machines.  Musk also predicts that the Brandenburg plant will deliver a radical overhaul in the way electric car battery cells and battery packs are built. At the new plant, Tesla intends to manufacture a new version of its Model Y crossover vehicle.

Moving Toward Sustainable Energy

In a visit to the Tesla plant site in Germany, Musk said he will transform the core structural design of electric cars, in terms of engineering, design and manufacturing.  He says that his goal is to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy and "not just build cars".

New License to Trade Electricity Across Western Europe

In order to achieve sustainable energy, Musk says three key elements are needed:  sustainable energy generation and storage, sustainable transportation and electric vehicles.  Of particular interest:  Tesla was just awarded a license to trade electricity across Western Europe.  Tesla is in the process of also building itself into an electric utility to provide power to millions of electric vehicles.  Tesla is currently surveying consumers in Germany to see if they would use Tesla electricity to power their electric cars.


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