New Science Defying Gravity

 Boats Floating Upside Down on Levitating Liquid

Source:  ESPCI Experiment Concept

French Experiment with Big Potential Applications

Scientists at ESPCI in Paris have performed an amazing experiment that seems to defy the laws of gravity and physics.  They've demonstrated tiny model boats floating upside down underneath a levitating layer of liquid.  It's called reverse buoyancy.  The layer of liquid floated on a suspended cushion of air.  Because of the intense air pressure created by shaking the liquid and the air, the boats were able to float upside down.  These amazing research results came when the scientists were investigating the effects of vertical shaking, which can be used to suspend a layer of liquid in mid-air.

Why Is This Important?

Reverse buoyancy could have major practical applications.  Potentially, it could separate pollutants from water and also be used to transport materials through fluids.  The gravity defying action is from constant vibrations changing the forces impacting the floating objects.  The scientists were inspired by art, sci-fi and the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" in which Capt. Jack Sparrow's ship tipped upside down.  They tried the experiment for fun and were amazed by the results.


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