Apple Intro's New Products This Week

 Expected Big Upgrades to Apple Watch, iPad & New iPhone 12

Source:  Apple Watch 5

Apple Annual September Event

Apple's annual September event this Tuesday is called "Time Flies". Appropriately, the company is expected to unveil significant upgrades to the Apple Watch.  Also, experts expect upgrades to the iPad and perhaps an unveiling of the new iPhone 12 with 5 G connectivity. Apple is holding a totally virtual event because of the COVID-19 virus.

New Apple Watch?

Apple experts are expecting the unveiling of an Apple Watch 6 with its game-changing ECG reader, plus potential new features such as a longer life battery and blood oxygen monitoring.  There also could be a lower cost version, the Apple Watch SE.  For Apple, health monitoring capabilities on the Apple Watch have been a huge seller.  In 2019, Apple sold 31 million Apple Watches which outsold Swiss Watches.

New iPad?

Experts also think Apple may announce a new iPad or iPad Air.  Bloomberg reports that Apple has developed an iPad Air that has an edge to edge display.  There also could be a new, lower cost iPad.  iPads are big for Apple.  It has sold 500,000 iPads - the top selling tablet for 10 years.

iPhone 12 with 5G Capabilities

Finally, the big question.  Will Apple announce the iPhone 12 with 5G capabilities on Tuesday?  It will be the first iPhone to connect with super-fast, 5G wireless networks.  The iPhone 12 is expected to generate what is being called a "supercharge" of sales to upgrade to the 5G phone level.  We will see on Tuesday. If not Tuesday, experts say it will happen in October.


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